Gas fireplaces are more prevalent than ever! Modern gas appliances have realistic flames and come in a variety of sizes and styles. This, combined with their ease of use, low cost to operate, and minimal maintenance make them an increasingly popular fireplace choice.

While gas fireplaces offer heat at the press of a button – without the need to shovel out ash in between uses – they still need as much maintenance as their wood burning counterparts. Having your gas fireplace regularly swept and inspected can guarantee it continues to burn safely and efficiently for years to come.

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Servicing your gas fireplace

Owning a gas fireplace can give you inexpensive heat at the push of a button – all without the hassle of having to sweep out ashes and soot after every use. However, despite being easier to maintain, your gas fireplace still needs regular service.

While your gas fireplace may not be producing soot and ash, it is still creating harmful byproducts of combustion. Because of this, one of the most helpful ways to keep your fireplace burning safely and efficiently is through regular chimney services such as sweepings and inspections. Having your gas fireplace regular serviced can help ensure that acidic gasses have not corroded the chimney and that the fireplace continues to vent correctly.

Relining a gas fireplace

If you recently installed a new gas fireplace, your old flue may need to be relined. If you switched fuel sources from wood to gas, your old flue liner may not be designed for the different byproducts of combustion gas produces. While burning wood creates creosote and smoke, burning gas creates an acidic condensate that can erode some standard flue liners. Because of this, your chimney sweep may recommend relining your flue after switching fuel sources.

Upgrading an older gas fireplace to a new, more energy efficient model may also require your flue to be relined. One of the most common causes of venting issues with new fireplace units is an improperly sized flue; because new fireplaces are so efficient, they often require smaller flues. Having a larger-than-needed flue can impact efficiency, as well as create safety issues with venting smoke and gasses. Relining the flue ensures you have the right sized venting for your new fireplace.

We can service more than just your fireplace!

At Coopertown Services, we can service more than just your gas fireplace! While it is important to have your gas fireplace regularly serviced, your other gas appliances need maintenance, too. If you have a gas furnace or water heater, our CSIA-certified chimney technicians are qualified to clean, inspect, and service the venting systems. No matter the kind of gas appliance you have, our technicians can ensure it is safely venting and sized correctly.

To make sure you gas fireplace continues to operate safely and efficiently, it needs regular annual maintenance. To schedule a chimney sweeping or inspection for your gas fireplace or other gas appliances, contact Coopertown Services today!