Certified Chimney Inspections

At Coopertown Services, the safety of our customers is our number one concern. That’s why a chimney inspection is one of the most important services we offer. When your chimney system is functioning properly, it’s protecting you and your home from the dangerous byproducts of combustion: poisonous gases, high heat, and flammable debris. If your system isn’t functioning properly, these dangerous byproducts could damage your home or harm the people in it. The only way to truly know the state of your system is to have a proper, professional chimney inspection that follows the procedures set forth in the National Fire Protection Association’s 211 code.

Technician performing the roof part of a chimney inspection chimney with rounded cap
Coopertown Services follows the NFPA’s guidelines, performing three different levels of inspection. We’ll recommend the level that makes the most sense, given your chimney system’s individual circumstances.


The NFPA’s 3 Levels Of Inspection

Level 1

THE NFPA developed these guidelines to make sure homeowners get the attention to detail that is needed for their circumstances and safety.

A Level 1 inspection is the most basic level of inspection, recommended for chimneys that haven’t changed (there’s been no damage; you’re using the same appliance and the same fuel). This level of inspection is performed during routine chimney sweepings, and is part of the recommended annual maintenance for your system. During a Level 1 inspection, Coopertown Services technicians will examine accessible parts of your chimney’s interior and exterior, your appliance, and the chimney connections. We’ll check for obstructions and creosote deposits; make sure that the installation and connections are sound and correct; and gauge the overall soundness of the whole chimney structure and flue.

Coopertown technician standing inside the fireplace, performing a visual inspection of the flue and smoke shelf

Level 2

If your system has changed (you’ve relined your flue; a new appliance has been added; or you’ve changed fuels), we’ll recommend a more in-depth Level 2 inspection. This level is also required when a home is being bought or sold, or if there’s been an event that likely caused damage (weather, earthquakes, fire). With this inspection, the basic assessment of a Level 1 inspection is performed, but we also video scan the interior, check attics and basements or crawlspaces, and check for proper clearances of nearby combustible materials. Coopertown recommends a Level 2 inspection on any chimney that we haven’t inspected before.

Level 3

If a previous inspection indicates that there may be a hazard in your system, and a more thorough look would require special tools or access to concealed areas of your chimney or flue, we’ll recommend a Level 3 inspection. This type of inspection includes everything in a Level 2 inspection, but also addresses the construction and condition of concealed portions of your system, and may require removal or destruction of parts of the chimney or building structure. With a Level 3 inspection, we may have to remove drywall, doors, the chimney crown or other items, to get a clear and complete look into the safety and functionality of your chimney.

Video scanning: The Clearest Picture Of A Chimney’s State

Various images taken from a chimney scan video camera system showing cracks in the flue tile video inspection
When Coopertown technicians need to get a close, clear look inside a chimney system, the best tool in our arsenal is our state-of-the-art cameras. These cameras are equipped with adjustable lights, stabilizers, tilt and rotation capabilities , and are hooked up to computerized equipment that captures incredibly detailed photos. We push this camera along the length of the chimney to get a detailed view of the interior. After the inspection, the photos are examined and printed for you, so that as we share our written report, you can actually see the defects and issues that were found during the inspection. This technology is particularly useful for homeowners who are communicating with realtors or insurance companies. With the written report and photographic documentation we provide you with, you’ll be able to offer clear evidence of the condition of the entire chimney.

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Coopertown has the experience and expertise to renovate any kind of chimney system you have, so talk to our chimney services technicians about all your options.