Chimney System Renovation

Working in Shelby County since 1978, Coopertown Services has come across every kind of fireplace and chimney imaginable. But one of our passions centers on the rich history of so many homes in our area. Historic chimneys make for beautiful focal points in grand old Memphis homes, and we’ve been honored to spend significant amounts of time over the past 35 years saving those chimneys — not only getting them back into service, but also preserving their original cosmetic designs. We make a point of treating these historic chimneys with the respect they deserve, as the hallmarks of the history of our city.

It takes experience and expertise to properly renovate older chimneys and contemporary chimneys alike. Each has unique properties (vastly different internal designs, different types of mortar and brick) that a chimney technician needs to know and understand in order to provide proper service that will stand the test of time and maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of the chimney. Our CSIA-certified technicians know the chimneys of Shelby County, and whether your home is historic or contemporary, we can bring your chimney back to life.

Renovation Needs Can Vary, But Coopertown Services Does It All

Your chimney may need some tuckpointing above the roof or in the firebox, or it may need a complete renovation, including a re-lining of the flue, a new firebox and a new damper. We can handle any and all renovation needs, including particularly delicate and complex concerns, like old ceramic tile and slate roofs. With our experience and care, you won’t have to worry about damage or internal collapses.

We can also video scan the chimney’s interior to give an accurate and thorough recommendation of repairs needed and why.

Coopertown technicians setting up to perform renovations on a chimney system
Two technicians setting up to install beautiful copper chimney cap
Three Technicians completing rebuild on a chimney system - beautiful large white chimney with three flues and three caps
Technicians performing  renovations on a chimney system

Some Of The Renovation Work Coopertown Services Commonly Provides:

Chimney Relining

We can handle any flue relining job, whether you need a damaged liner restored with HeatShield® (a special ceramic/refractory sealant) or replaced with a new stainless steel liner. We have been relining chimneys since 1979.

Smoke Chamber Repair

Often overlooked, the smoke chamber takes on a heavy share of your system’s heat, and must be built and repaired or rebuilt properly, if your chimney is to safely do its job. We worked diligently during the 1980’s to document the need of parging in smoke chambers and were able to get the “codes” to finally adopt this requirement in 1988.


Parging is a process of applying a stucco-like applicant of high temperature and molding it to an interior surface in a chimney. This almost forgotten practice is now required by our codes, largely due to efforts of Coopertown Chimney Service.

Rebuilding Fireboxes

A damaged firebox is a dangerous thing to have, since its job is to contain the most intense heat from the fire. If your firebox is damaged, we can rebuild a firebox that’ll last through years of safe and efficient use.

Chase Covers

A chase makes a factory-built chimney into a beautiful accent on your home. We can build attractive new exterior chases and replace damaged chase covers, to ensure that your chase and home are protected from the elements.

Does your chimney need renovation work? Coopertown Services would love to do the job. Call us at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment!


A simple chimney cap will provide amazing protection for your chimney system and it looks good, too! Here at Coopertown, we’ll be glad to discuss the advantages of this simple but critical chimney service.