Finally, A Compromise: Isokern Modular Masonry Chimney Systems

When deciding between a masonry or pre-fabricated fireplace and chimney, there are a lot of things to consider. Each has its benefits, and each will have properties that appeal to your tastes and needs. With prefabricated units, installation can be quick and affordable, and placement options can be pretty broad. With masonry units, you can have real control over the materials and look, which will allow you to put your personal style in the foreground. Plus, you can be confident that the materials will stand up to years of use.

Tech installing an Isokern Modular Masonry Chimney breeko blocks surround in the beginning stages
There is, however, something of a compromise available, too. Isokern modular masonry chimney systems are pre-engineered out of durable masonry materials and installed in your home by certified chimney technicians.

At Coopertown Services, we install and recommend Isokern systems, and can talk with you about their properties, options and benefits. If you’re not sure what you need or want, let us help you choose a great new unit that you’ll be excited to show off.

Isokern Fireplaces And Chimneys

Isokern fireplaces are manufactured in Chesapeake, Virginia, and constructed out of a unique material that provides immense insulation at a lower level of bulk and weight. The company uses a volcanic stone (mined from the Hekla volcano in Iceland) to construct these units, which boast a variety of benefits:

  • The high-grade refractory pumice has a particularly stable response to heat (it doesn’t expand or contract), and it’s shown to be highly durable
  • Since the units are modular, they can be installed and enjoyed quickly
  • And since these units all pass strict quality control standards, you can expect an efficient and safe unit that also carries a warranty

Isokern fireplaces are available for indoor and outdoor use in a number of different styles. Coopertown Services technicians can finish your Isokern fireplace with stone, brick, tile or other materials that match your taste.

Isokern’s Refractory Chimneys are also modular products that allow for a lightweight, but durable chimney with comparably fast installation. A great benefit of Isokern’s dual modular refractory chimney systems (which are built with an inner liner and an outer casing) is that they allow for a zero clearance to combustible materials, making for broader installation options. These can also be finished with a variety of different materials, including stone, brick and stucco.

To find out if Isokern modular masonry chimney systems might be right for your needs, call Coopertown Services, today, at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment!


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