Gas Appliance Service & Repair

It’s incredibly important to keep up with the regular maintenance and repair requirements of your fireplace and chimney system. But that’s not the only heating system in your home that needs regular attention. Your gas furnace and water heater are venting through a hard-working chimney, too, and just like your fireplace and chimney, a damaged or improperly functioning gas furnace or water heater and chimney can lead to an unsafe home.

The byproducts coming from your gas appliance are different from those coming from your fireplace (you won’t see dark soot, for instance). But these byproducts are dangerous and damaging just the same. Burning propane and natural gas creates acidic, corrosive gases that can eat away at a chimney. If the chimney that’s venting these appliances is left without proper maintenance or inspection for extended periods of time, these corrosive byproducts can lead to extremely dangerous problems, and incredibly expensive repairs.

The best way to keep up on your gas appliance maintenance is to schedule regular inspections with a CSIA-certified chimney technician, like the ones at Coopertown Services. Our technicians can gauge whether damage is present; whether the system is venting properly; and whether a cleaning is necessary.

When Repairs Or Improvements To Your Venting System Are Necessary, Coopertown Services Can Help

One of the most common repairs needed for gas appliances is a relining of the flue.

It’s unfortunately all too common for a new appliance to be installed with an existing chimney, without any consideration given to the compatibility between the appliance and the flue. A properly sized and paired flue and appliance is incredibly important, no matter what kind of fuel you’re burning. If the two are not compatible, the appliance will not work properly and safely. Draft problems will present themselves, leading to incomplete combustion and increased amounts of carbon monoxide — a poisonous gas.

Flue relining can easily correct issues of compatibility, and restore the safety and functionality of both appliance and chimney. Whether your flue liner is improperly sized, or if inadequate maintenance has led to a corroded liner, we can replace the damaged (or improperly sized) liner with a properly sized and compatible new liner.

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Keeping your chimney clean is a must for the safety of you and your family. Call on the pros at Coopertown for this basic chimney service.