We Provide Humane Animal Removal in Memphis, TN & Surrounding Areas

Living in Memphis and surrounding areas, we’re always surrounded by squirrels, raccoons, rats, birds, and other animals – but few of us want to share our living space with them. Unfortunately, if there are any ways for animals to access your warm, cozy home, they’ll find a way in.

Removing them humanely and permanently can be a complicated process…but at Coopertown, we know what works! Call or reach out online for home animal removal services today – we’ve got your back.

Why Are We Memphis’ Preferred Wildlife Removal Experts?

Coopertown began removing raccoons and squirrels from homes in 1978, and today, we’re the longest-running animal control company in Memphis. We have thousands of satisfied customers and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our services too.

  • We specialize in humane, permanent animal removal.
  • We never hurt or harm animals.
  • We make a point of keeping mothers and babies together.
  • We understand how various species behave, allowing us to tailor services accordingly.
Baby raccoon momma raccoon squirrel exiting cap nest in fireplace we relocate these babies

When we come to your home to take care of your animal problem, we guarantee – with a written, money-back warranty – that our technicians will remove all of the animals. We’ll also provide a one-year warranty against animals tearing through the areas that we’ve sealed, and we’ll offer a maintenance plan to keep your home animal-free for as long as you own the home.

It takes professionals with lots of tenacity to get humane animal removal right, and we’re proud to have customers who’ve told us that, after years and years of ongoing animal problems, Coopertown Services ended their frustration once and for all. They are also delighted at our concern for every animal’s safety.

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What Animals Do We Remove?

    • Squirrel Removal Services: Known for their bushy tails and agility in climbing trees, squirrels are fun to look at through the window…but aren’t welcome inside the home. Our removal services are designed to safely and humanely remove squirrels from residential properties.
    • Roof Rat Removal Services: A roof rat is a slender, agile critter that’s known for nesting in high places (think attics and – you guessed it – roofs). Roof rat removal services focus on eliminating the rodents from the area, then safely redistributing them into a more suitable habitat.
    • Raccoon Removal Services: Are raccoons showing up on your property with their distinctive black masks and ringed tails? Thanks to their nimble front paws and strong scavenging skills, these critters can do a lot of damage in a hurry. We’ll use humane capture and relocation methods to get them out – and keep them from coming back.
    • Bird Removal Services: If it’s a chirping noise that’s been invading your awareness lately, there could be nesting birds in your home or chimney. These creatures love to find a good spot to build a home and lay eggs, so removing them – and then preventing reentry – is key.
    • Opossum Removal Services: Nocturnal like their raccoon friends, opossums are most known for playing dead when threatened…but dead or alive, you don’t want them in your cozy living space. Count on us to ensure they’re safely removed and placed somewhere more suitable.
    • Chipmunk Removal Services: Chipmunks are in the squirrel family, and like their cousins, they’re cute to look at…but not fun to have scampering in your living room. Chipmunk removal services consist of trapping and relocating these little nuisances.
    • Bat Removal Services: Did you know that bats are the only flying mammals? …doesn’t mean you want them flying around your rafters, though. Our services focus on safely and humanely removing these endangered creatures from your attic, ceiling, or wherever else they’ve nestled in.
    • …and More: These are the more common animals we’re called in to remove, but we also tackle other critters, like skunks, flying squirrels, and more. If you’re not sure if we can remove it, just ask!

We also remove dead animals. Questions about all we offer? We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Give us a call or book online now.

Picture of holes in the roof from animal entry - we do humane removal
Picture of holes in the roof from animal entry - we do humane removal
Picture of holes in the roof from animal entry - we do humane removal

About Our Animal Removal Process

  1. We Find the Animals

Coopertown will send a technician to inspect every space in your home that might be welcoming to animals. We go around the entire home with a ladder, inspecting attics, gable vents, soffit vents, vent-a-hoods, roof vents, and gutters.

We also go to great lengths to determine what animals are causing your problems, how many there are, and if nests with babies are present. Our goal is to locate and seal every possible opening so that animal problems can be dealt with permanently.

People who have previously dealt with other companies are shocked to find how thorough and in-depth our initial wildlife inspections are.

  1. We Humanely Remove the Animals

Traps are a poor way of ensuring that all animals are removed from a home. A smarter and more lasting way to rid your home of animals is to use sophisticated techniques to simply encourage all of the animals to leave on their own – and then to thoroughly secure the house so they can’t return.

We use harmless devices and tricks learned from decades of experience to urge animals to take their babies and seek a home elsewhere. Our methods are proven to work, and we’re so confident we offer a money-back guarantee.

  1. We Secure the House So They Can’t Come Back In

Our technicians will go over your home, inch by inch, and seal every little gap that’s found, using steel mesh, stainless steel screws, and metal. It’s not uncommon for our technicians to spend 10-12 hours if necessary to seal up and secure a single house.

We offer a one-year guarantee for those seals, but we’re so confident in our process that we allow our customers to renew that one-year warranty, year after year.

When It Comes To Animal Removal in Memphis & Beyond, We Offer Long-Term Solutions

So, what makes us different from our local competitors when it comes to animal removal? In short, we go above and beyond to ensure the animals are not only removed, but not coming back anytime soon.

You see, setting a few traps and covering up a few holes won’t be a long-term solution to any animal problem. That’s why we’ve developed a detailed process that ensures that all animals – from grown squirrels and raccoons to the babies that might be hiding in a nest somewhere – are humanely removed, and that your home is then thoroughly sealed against their return.

This process requires more thorough inspections and lots of attention to detail, but when it comes to the safety of our customers, their homes and the animals themselves, it’s well worth it. With us, everyone wins.

We’ve been removing animals in Memphis and its surrounding areas for decades, so we know what works and have developed very sophisticated methods. Rest assured, when you work with us, you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve.

Seeking Wildlife Removal Near You? Call Us Now

If you’re experiencing problems with animals in your home and want them removed humanely and permanently, call Coopertown Services at 901-358-7777 or book an appointment with us online.


We believe that the more you know about us and our services, the more confident you’ll be to give Coopertown Services a try. We look forward to serving you soon!