Building Outdoor Fireplaces

A recent National Association of Home Builders survey noted that the first thing new home buyers want to see featured in a potential home is an outdoor patio, porch or deck. What is the second most-desired feature? A fireplace. In other words, the majority of people love the outdoors, and a warm, cozy fireplace. So what could be better than a warm, cozy fireplace in our outdoor living space?

Outdoor fireplaces can be wonderful additions to any home, and offer benefits that indoor fireplaces don’t– after all, you probably wouldn’t want to grill hot dogs in your living room or master bedroom.

If you’re considering an outdoor fireplace, call us! Coopertown Services builds and installs a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces, from simple and practical units to fireplaces that can turn a simple patio into an outdoor-living paradise. Talk to our technicians about your vision for your outdoor living area, and we’ll help make it happen.

Looks And Function Can Vary Greatly In An Outdoor Fireplace — Coopertown Services Can Do It All!

  • You might want an outdoor fireplace that doubles as a cooking appliance for grilling or roasting
  • You may want a sleek, modern outdoor fireplace that’s built to burn gas, so you can enjoy it with friends and family with just the flick of a switch
  • You might want a large, stucco fireplace with a tall chimney that turns your backyard into a Tuscan getaway retreat
  • Maybe you just want a simple fireplace that will allow you to make s’mores with your kids on those cool autumn evenings

Whatever strikes your outdoor fireplace fancy, Coopertown Services can make it a reality. Tennessee’s warmer autumns and mild winters allow us to spend so much time enjoying the outdoors, so outdoor fireplaces can be the perfect gathering place for friends and family. With your new outdoor fireplace, some comfortable furniture and a few personal knickknacks, you’ll have a brand new living room (with a great view).

Custom-Built Or Prefabricated: Ask Coopertown Services About Your Options

Coopertown Services technicians can build a new, custom, outdoor fireplace, and we can also talk with you about some prefabricated options (including Isokern chimney systems). Depending on your taste, budget and space, different options might hold more appeal. We’d love to help you figure out what works best for your needs. Let us know what you’re dreaming of, and we’ll make it happen.

Are you ready to start living? Coopertown Services can turn your outdoor living space into a cozy oasis. Call us today, at 901-358-7777 or click here!


Could your indoor fireplace use a complete makeover? We are very experienced at building new faces on existing fireplaces, so ask us if this type of fireplace installation is right for you!