Masonry Chimneys

Just as a masonry fireplace becomes a beautiful, eye-grabbing focal point in a room, a masonry chimney can be an attractive focal point of your home’s exterior, bringing it a timeless charm.

Looks, of course, are just part of the equation. A chimney’s role in your home is an important one, so proper build should be considered as much as or more than visual appearance. When you use a fireplace or stove, the chimney works to protect the house from high heat transfer (to combustible building materials), and protects the people in your home from toxic gases and other harmful byproducts of combustion. It’s key that a masonry chimney be built properly in order for it to perform its job safely and effectively.

Technician laying brick For building a masonry chimney

Coopertown Services has been building masonry chimneys in Shelby County since 1978, so if you’re looking to have a new unit built, we can provide extensive knowledge, master workmanship and a tireless attention to detail. It’s this level of experience and service that’s earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call today — we’d love to provide you with a masonry chimney that you can trust and enjoy.

The Ins And Outs Of Building A New Masonry Chimney

Masonry chimneys aren’t just installed, they’re created. When a masonry chimney is added to your home, it’s built brick by brick, on site, by Coopertown Services’ experienced, CSIA-certified technicians.

There are a lot of benefits to having a masonry chimney installed. Well-built and well-maintained chimneys can provide decades and decades of use and enjoyment, and while prefabricated chimney units can be great additions to a home, masonry chimneys tend to last far longer. And although Coopertown Services can build a beautiful and durable chase around a prefabricated chimney, it’s really hard to beat the classic look of a brick or stone chimney. Another benefit to masonry is that we’ll be designing and crafting your chimney, so you’ll have the flexibility and freedom to put your individual stamp on it.

To Enjoy A Safe Chimney For Years To Come, Maintenance Is Important

Coopertown Services technicians build strong, durable masonry chimneys, but in order for any chimney to stay strong and functional, a certain amount of maintenance is required. Annual chimney inspections and chimney sweeping will make sure your new masonry chimney performs correctly year after year. But don’t worry — Coopertown Services offers maintenance services, as well.

Coopertown Services can build a beautiful, functional and long-lasting masonry chimney for you, and keep it looking and working like new for years to come. Call us at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment!


Prefabricated chimney systems offer some popular advantages that may fit what you need. Ask us if this the right system for you…we build all kinds of chimneys!