Chimney Flue Relining

A lot of the characteristics of historic fireplaces and chimneys have carried through to modern day appliances — most obviously, the classic, charming look of brick and mortar work. But we’ve also made countless steps forward in safety and efficiency.

One perfect example: While homes were once built with fireplaces that had unlined chimneys, these days, chimneys are required to have a liner installed in the flue. And that’s a very positive change because lined flues are safer, work better and last far longer. Simply put, a chimney without a flue liner isn’t providing your home and family with the level of safety you want and expect.

What Does A Flue Liner Do?

The liner is an incredibly important part of your chimney system. Its main roles are to protect your masonry and nearby materials from the high heat in your unit, and to help your chimney vent harmful gases and other byproducts up and out of your home quickly. Without a flue liner, you have a much greater chance of having a chimney fire or a carbon monoxide leak.

What Do Flue Liners Look Like?

Chimney flue liners can be made of a number of different materials.

Clay Tile
In older homes in particular, chimneys are most likely lined with clay tiles. Clay tile can be a durable material, but over time, these liners are prone to cracking and developing eroded mortar joints. When we repair a liner or reline a chimney, we’re often working with clay tile flue liners.

Three Technicians installing a stainless steel chimney liner by inserting it from the top of the chimney
Stainless Steel
Many modern chimneys have stainless steel flue liners, which are great, durable products that solve a variety of flue problems. A clay liner that’s been damaged beyond reasonable repair can be replaced with a stainless steel liner. Stainless steel liners are also practical choices if the addition of a new appliance makes a resized flue necessary for proper function. And we all know how durable stainless steel is, so you can expect a liner that will last. When installed by a certified technician, like the ones at Coopertown Services, these products include a lifetime warranty as well.
Having a cast-in-place liner installed can be a great way to bring a chimney with a damaged flue liner back to a safe and efficient, smoke-tight state. These liners can actually make a chimney structure stronger, too. Cast-in-place liners are made of a cement-like material that is poured and cast directly in place using a former. The result is a smooth, well-lined flue.
Technician using a special system installed at the top of the chimney to complete a Heatshield chimney liner installation

Coopertown Services also installs HeatShield®, a cerfractory sealant that can restore a damaged clay tile liner. HeatShield® works by filling in all gaps and holes, revealing a safe and smooth surface.

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A clean smoke chamber in your fireplace is a safe smoke chamber. Ask the trained technicians at Coopertown about this skilled chimney renovation today.