What Makes The CSIA Certified Difference?

  • All of Coopertown Service’s chimney sweeps are required to be certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).
  • The CSIA certification is the only certification nationally renowned and recognized. Do not be swayed by the many lesser, and sometimes meaningless, certifications that other companies may advertise. Insist on CSIA certified sweeps for the safety of your home and your family.
  • Our chimney sweeps all participate in weekly training sessions, attend out-of-town training, and are enrolled in online industry educational training and testing. This ensures that they are capable of properly performing their job before working in your home.
  • While some states require CSIA certification to be able to perform chimney services, Tennessee is not one of those states. This opens families in our area to “companies” that may not really be qualified! Would you hire any old handy man to make electrical repairs on your home or would you insist on a licensed electrician?

Visit the CSIA website to learn more about why having certified sweeps in your home is of the utmost importance. Experience the difference yourself by scheduling an appointment with us online!