When It Comes To Fixing Leaky Chimneys, We Are The Best!

A leaky chimney is a problem no one wants to have. Water isn’t kind to your chimney system, and it certainly isn’t a kind to the walls and ceilings inside your home. But if a leak does spring up in your chimney, you can trust Coopertown Services to find it and fix it. We’ve been working on leaky chimneys in Shelby County since 1978, and we’ve turned countless leaky chimneys into dry, safe and frustration-free chimneys over the years.

Many professional roofing companies and general contractors hire Coopertown to stop problem water leaks in chimneys.

They know we use specialized techniques and materials specifically designed for chimneys and that our repairs are 100% guaranteed to stop the leaks or your money back.

If you see water around your chimney system, give us a call — we can help.

Coopertown eliminated a major, long standing water leak problem in my chimney yesterday. Their inspection revealed many fire hazard problems which they repaired as well (This fireplace has probably not had any attention in over fifty years). Essentially, they made my fireplace look and function as it did when it was new…all at a very reasonable price. The service reps were courteous, knowledgeable and neat craftsmen who seemed to really take pride in their work. No more leaks, no more fire hazard. Thank you so much Coopertown.
Claire Coleman

Where Is This Water In My Chimney Coming From, Anyway?

Leaky chimneys are tricky, since there can be several different potential causes. A few of the more common causes are:

Cracks In The Chimney Crown
The slab of masonry on the top of your chimney is called the chimney crown, and since the crown tends to be relatively thin, exposure to hot summer conditions and freezing winter temperatures can cause it to crack and crumble. These cracks and thin spots can allow water into your chimney and home. If we find cracks or spalling in your chimney crown, we can build a new one that’s sealed and protected against water and guaranteed not to crack.

Water Is Soaking Through The Bricks
Bricks are porous, so they can be expected to absorb a certain amount of water. But damaged brick or bricks that are too porous can allow far too much water to seep in, particularly during extended rainfall. If you notice water coming into your fireplace after an hour or so of rain, it might be an indication that damaged brick or overly porous brick is your problem. The best solution is to have a specially designed waterproof masonry sealer applied to your chimney’s exterior. These sealants are designed to repel water, but still allow vapors and gases to pass through the brick, which is a vital part of the chimney’s function. However, using the wrong product can result in the problem returning soon after application. If this happens, even using the correct product on top of it may not work. This is why you should trust Coopertown Services to do the job right the first time.

Water Is Coming In Around The Chimney At The Roofline
The area where your chimney meets the roofline is protected from water by metal flashing. If you see water stains on the ceiling or walls around the chimney, there’s a good chance that damaged flashing is the culprit. Coopertown Services repairs and installs flashing every day, so if you have an issue with yours, we can help!

Water Is Collecting Around The Chimney Shoulders
The chimney shoulders, where your chimney flares out, might be “door stepped” or corbelled, creating a number of flat surfaces on which water can collect and penetrate the chimney. Coopertown Services can correct that problem by applying specialty products, to weather or slope the shoulders.

Technicians on scaffolding working on a custom copper chimney cap install to stop leaks
Water Is Coming Through The Top Of The Flue
If your chimney doesn’t have a chimney cap installed at the top of it, you essentially have an unprotected hole in your roof, welcoming water down into the flue. Adding a properly sized and properly installed cap is a quick fix for this problem. Click here for different examples of chimney caps.
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As part of our complete chimney service, Coopertown will be happy to provide recommendations for improving your chimney’s performance. You can count on us.