Chimney Crowns Installation

When a football player hits the field, he suits up with protective gear to keep his adversaries from doing any lasting damage. The same goes for your chimney system. Before it goes to work, it is outfitted with an array of protective parts meant to keep its biggest adversary, water, from causing any lasting damage. A chimney’s design isn’t just meant to make it work, it’s meant to make it last.

Image of a multi flue chimney with freshly applied crown coat
One of your chimney’s many important sources of water protection is the chimney crown. A chimney crown is a mortar slab installed at the very top of the flue, designed to encourage rain, snow and other forms of precipitation away from the flue and off of the roof. But in the case of many older chimney systems, crowns were designed to be rather thin, and were installed without waterproofing protection. As a result, years of exposure to scorching summer heat and the freezing temperatures of winter causes most of these older crowns to crack and spall (flake or chip). Once deteriorated, these cracked and spalling crowns provide very little protection against water. A damaged crown is an issue that could lead to considerable damage in your chimney system, so it’s something you will want to correct as soon as you can.
Coopertown Services technicians often find that damaged chimney crowns are the source of many chimney leaks. If your crown is cracked, it is probably allowing water into your flue. If you’re keeping up with your annual inspections and sweepings, you will have a much greater chance of identifying and correcting a problem with your chimney crown before it leads to expensive repairs.

Repairing Or Replacing A Damaged Crown

If the damage to your crown is found early and only consists of small, hairline cracks, Coopertown Services can likely repair it with a crown coat sealant, which will seal up existing cracks and protect the crown against water and future deterioration.

Larger cracks or spalling will likely require a crown rebuild. Coopertown Services has been building new chimney crowns in Shelby County for decades. We can build a crown that’s extremely resistant to cracking and apply a masonry sealer that will protect it against the effects of water.

Do you have a damaged chimney crown or a chimney leak? Give Coopertown Services a call! We can repair or rebuild a durable crown that will protect your chimney system for years to come. Reach us at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment!


Fixing a leaky chimney could be as simple as applying a masonry sealer to the entire chimney. Ask Coopertown for more details.