Chimney System Services

We all spend our adult lives trying to find contractors we can trust to do right by us and our homes. And it certainly isn’t easy to find someone offering honest assessments and providing top-notch work at a fair and honest price. But at Coopertown Services, we aim to be the trusted pros you turn to whenever you have chimney needs, from regular maintenance to chimney performance problems and installing new systems.

We’ve grown into the largest chimney sweep company in Shelby County (we’re also its oldest, having launched in 1977), and we built our reputation on providing the kind of service that turns first-time clients into loyal customers. Over the past 35 years we have serviced over 100,000 chimneys. Our industry certifications and customer feedback attest to our technicians’ level of expertise:

If your chimney needs repairs or service, up to and including design and build or installation, turn to Coopertown Services’ licensed, experienced and dedicated technicians.

Technicians on scaffolding performing work on a masonry chimney with green custom shingles

What Coopertown Services Can Do For You And Your Home

Chimney Sweeping
Annual professional chimney sweeping is highly recommended in order to ensure that your system is free of blockages and build-up, and functioning safely and efficiently. Let us know if it’s time to schedule your annual service!

Chimney Inspections
Along with chimney sweeping, it’s recommended that chimneys be inspected each and every year to check for and keep ahead of potential problems. A sweeping appointment includes a Level 1 inspection, but we also perform more involved inspections when they’re needed (i.e. when a property is changing hands, or a new appliance is added, etc.).

Chimney Renovation
If your chimney needs work, we have decades of experience handling all renovation needs, whether it’s the relining of a chimney, the restoration or repair of the smoke chamber, the repair of a damaged chimney with the application of a parge coat, the rebuild of a firebox, the replacement of a chase cover, or the building of an entirely new exterior chase for a factory-built chimney unit.

Leaky Chimneys
We can find and repair chimney leaks in your system before they cause lasting damage. Give us a call at the first sign of water! We use techniques and specialty products which set us apart from roofers and contractors. In fact, many contractors and roofers call us for their difficult jobs.

Build New Chimneys
If you need a new masonry chimney built, look no further than Coopertown Services — we’ve been building chimneys in Shelby County since 1978.

Install And Build Fireplaces
Whether you want to have a new masonry fireplace built or a factory-built unit installed in your home, we can help. We also reface existing fireplaces with brick, stone or tile, and build beautiful, long-lasting outdoor fireplace units. Let us know what you need!

Chimney Repair
If anything breaks, sticks, corrodes or cracks (including chimney caps and flue dampers), we’re here to help.

Gas Appliance Service
Your furnace, water heater, and gas logs need attention, too — call us if you need your gas appliances looked at. Coopertown Services can handle everything from repairs and cleaning to flue relining. We are a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor in Tennessee.

I used Coopertown Services to inspect my fireplace and chimney recently after a tree fell and damaged my chimney. Kenny was prompt and efficient. They laid down covers to protect my floors and hearth during the inspection. Kenny used a video camera to inspect the chimney and was very thorough in showing me where the damage was and explaining everything to me in detail. On the outside, he took pictures of the damage. Upon sending me the quote, he sent pictures with detailed descriptions of the damage. I was extremely pleased with the professional manner of my inspection.

We recently hired Coopertown Services to repair damage to our chimney and chimney cap as a result of tree damage to our house. They were prompt, courteous, and neat and did an outstanding job. Everything was done as promised and the area was a lot cleaner after they left. I would recommend them to anyone who needs chimney repair.

Karen Wyatt

For all your chimney service needs, call Coopertown Services at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment!


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