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Why Coopertown?

Coopertown is Shelby County’s oldest and largest chimney service company, and has been providing the best in chimney installation, restoration and preservation since 1977. All of our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and have years of industry experience. With Coopertown on the job, you’re getting the highest level of service at an affordable price.

We Do It All!

Because we are a one-stop chimney and fireplace service, you can come to us with just about any problem. Whether you need to have damaged or deteriorated parts (for example, a chimney cap or flashing) replaced; have your crown rebuilt; have your chimney or fireplace renovated or rebuilt; schedule your annual inspection or sweep; have your furnace or water heater serviced; add a new fireplace or chimney to your home; or figure out why your system isn’t working as efficiently as you’d like, we have the skills, tools and experience to meet your needs. Our technicians have excellent diagnostic skills, and will work diligently to provide you with the information you need to make smart, safe choices for your family.

We Specialize In Masonry Restoration & Preservation

A historical home can be a wonderful thing, but it’s not always safe, energy-efficient or economical. Having worked in Shelby County for over 30 years, we specialize in the restoration and preservation of historic masonry, and are dedicated to keeping your historic chimney system safe, efficient and looking better than ever.

We Humanely Remove Animals & Guarantee An Animal-Free Home For A Full Year

If you’re having an animal problem, don’t call anyone else! At Coopertown, humane animal removal is one of our specialties! We have proven methods for removing all of the animals in your home without harming them or separating mother from babies. We not only remove the animals from your home – we find out how they are getting in, and seal all possible entrances. With Coopertown on the job, you can be sure that animals won’t find a way into your home for a full year – we guarantee it!

Other Services

We also offer our neighbors in Shelby County professional dryer vent cleaning services. A clogged dryer vent can lead to higher utilities, shorter dryer life,  and even fire. Scheduling an annual cleaning is the best way to protect your family, lower your energy costs, and preserve the life of your dryer.

Call Us Today!

To schedule an appointment with a Coopertown professional, call us today at 901-358-7777, or click here! We look forward to working with you to maintain a safe and healthy home for years to come!


Scheduling an appointment with the experienced staff at Coopertown Services couldn’t be easier, so give us a call or schedule online.