Chimney System Repair

Repairs are (unfortunately) an unavoidable part of being a homeowner — no matter how well-built or well-maintained the systems in your home are, eventually, at least some small repairs are going to be necessary.

Chimney technicians at Coopertown Services have been repairing chimney systems in Shelby County since 1978. We’ve inspected, assessed, and fixed just about every problem you can come across. And we aim to provide the kind of service that makes the potentially frustrating process of needing chimney repairs as easy as possible. If you’re experiencing a problem, give us a call — we’ll inspect your problem, propose repairs and complete them efficiently and thoroughly. Chimneys are our passion, and we show that in our work.

Tech with an electric drill repairing the inside of a chimney

Chimney System Parts That We Regularly Repair And Replace

Chimney Caps – Keeping Animals Out Of Your Chimney

Every part of your chimney system is important, but when it comes to keeping unwanted furry visitors out of your home, the chimney cap is key. Many different kinds of animals, from birds to squirrels and other mammals, love to come into an open flue. And once they’re in there, it can be very difficult to get them out. But don’t worry — Coopertown Services technicians can safely remove animals from your chimney system in a humane way. We may not want animals in your chimney, but we believe there are humane ways to handle the problem. We can also repair or replace your chimney cap to ensure that animals don’t make their way back into the chimney again.

Chimney Dampers – Keeping Your System Safe & Energy-Efficient

Older chimneys often have a throat damper (which is installed above the firebox) to close off the flue when the fireplace or stove isn’t being used. These types of dampers typically end up needing repairs for the following reasons:

  • Sometimes throat dampers get stuck because of debris or rust (due to water penetration)
  • Sometimes throat dampers become misaligned or come off of the track they’re seated on

Since the damper provides protection against water intrusion, helps limit energy loss, and allows for proper draft, it’s important that it works correctly. If your damper is stuck in the closed position and you try to use your fireplace, all of the dangerous byproducts of combustion will be ushered directly into your home and air supply, threatening your family’s health and safety. If you have a problem with your damper, give Coopertown Services a call! Our technicians will repair it (if possible), or replace it with a more efficient top-sealing damper.

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These are just a few of the chimney parts Coopertown Services routinely repairs. If there’s a problem with your chimney system or you need chimney repairs, trust Coopertown Services — we’ll have you back to enjoying warm and safe fires again as soon as possible. We are licensed and bonded HVAC contractors located in Tennessee.

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The chimneys for your gas appliances need servicing, too. Ask Coopertown to inspect and service your water heater and furnace venting systems to keep them in safe working condition.