Chimney Lining Resurfacing in Memphis: Make Coopertown Your Go-To Crew

There are many instances where a chimney liner can be repaired or resurfaced, rather than completely relined. This can help save homeowners money, while still providing a super effective and long-lasting fix for any damage.

If you need chimney lining resurfacing services in the Memphis area, don’t wait to reach out to our team of experts. We use FireGuard Resurfacing, and we’d be glad to set you up right.

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What Is FireGuard? How Does It Work?

We use FireGuard for our chimney lining resurfacing services. FireGuard is a chimney liner resurfacing system meant to fill cracks, gaps, and open mortar joints throughout your flue.

The FireGuard process involves using a specialized ceramic material to ensure heat, acid, and water won’t have access to your flue. These things are all extremely harmful and can weaken your structure significantly, so finding a method that will really safeguard your chimney components is imperative. This material is then applied with a custom-fabricated, mechanical applicator for the most effective adhesion.

How does FireGuard differ from other resurfacing materials and relining techniques offered in the industry?

  • It uses a special liquid bonding agent that is mixed with the dry material instead of water.
  • It employs a vibration unit to ensure the joints are completely filled and covered.
  • It has a temperature rating of 3,205 degrees F, which is the highest in the industry.
  • It can be installed in any size or shape flue liner.

All in all, FireGuard offers a unique and effective approach to chimney lining resurfacing, setting it apart from many other industry options. We’d be happy to set you up right!

Does FireGuard Have a Warranty?

If you’re investing time and money into a product or service, you want to know it will stand the test of time…or at the very least, that you’ll get your money back if it doesn’t.

FireGuard comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty against material failure when the joint repair service is applied, and it comes with a Factory Guarantee against material failure with every resurfacing repair. Rest assured, your home will be protected and safeguarded, either way.

How Do I Find a FireSafe Industries Approved Contractor?

Because the customization process for FireGuard is so specific and specialized, FireGuard only makes its products available to approved and trained contractors. The best way to find one near you is by going directly to their website and reaching out!

…but if you’re in the Memphis area (which, if you’re on our site, we’re guessing you are), no need to search around. Coopertown Chimney Services is a FireGuard Approved Contractor, and we’d be happy to set you up right.

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Is FireGuard Right for My Chimney?

How can you know when resurfacing methods will work well versus when a more extensive relining job is required?

Well, we use the FireGuard resurfacing method anytime we find a broken or cracked chimney lining that has approximately ½-inch wide openings, gaps, or voids.
If the chimney lining is more damaged than that or has larger openings than that ½-inch cutoff, we typically recommend installing a new chimney liner, rather than resurfacing or repairing the existing one.

The good news for Memphis homeowners is that whether resurfacing methods will work for you or you need an entirely new chimney liner installed, we’re here to help.

How Are Open Mortar Joints in My Flue Dangerous?

What if your chimney liner only has small cracks? That’s not a big deal, is it? It is actually. Think back to the last time you tried to enjoy a cold glass of lemonade but your straw had a hole in it. It was just a tiny hole but somehow it made sipping through the straw much more complicated than it should’ve been.

Now imagine a bunch of holes throughout the straw – it would be useless, right? The same idea can be applied to your chimney liner.

Open mortar joints in your flue can pose several dangers:

  • Increased Risk of Fire: When mortar joints are open, hot gases and sparks from your fireplace or stove can escape through these openings and come into contact with combustible materials surrounding the chimney and fireplace. This significantly increases the risk of a fire occurring.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leakage: Open mortar joints can allow carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas produced by the combustion of fuels, to seep into your home (rather than being safely vented outside). Exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be life-threatening.
  • Structural Instability: Mortar joints play a crucial role in providing structural support to the chimney. When these joints are open or deteriorated, it compromises the stability of the chimney structure. This can lead to leaning or collapsing chimneys, posing a serious safety hazard to anyone near the structure.
  • Water Exposure: Open mortar joints can allow water to penetrate into the chimney structure, leading to moisture damage. Water exposure can cause deterioration of the masonry, including spalling (flaking or crumbling) of bricks and mortar, as well as damage to the chimney liner. This can weaken the chimney’s integrity and lead to costly repairs.

It’s essential to address any mortar or structural-related issues promptly through proper repair and maintenance completed by a professional chimney sweep. We’re here for you – call or book online now!

What’s the Difference Between Chimney Relining & Chimney Resurfacing?

Chimney relining and chimney resurfacing are two distinct methods used to address similar issues within your chimney structure. So…what’s the difference between the two?

  • Chimney relining involves installing an entirely new liner inside the existing chimney structure. This is typically done when the existing liner is damaged or deteriorated beyond repair, or if it no longer meets appropriate safety standards. Relining can involve various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or ceramic, and it provides a new, durable lining to improve chimney function and safety.
  • Chimney resurfacing is the process of repairing or restoring the existing chimney liner or masonry. It is used to address issues such as cracks, gaps, and deteriorated mortar joints in the chimney structure. Resurfacing techniques may include applying specialized coatings or materials to the interior of the chimney to fill in gaps, seal cracks, and improve structural integrity.

In essence, chimney relining involves replacing the liner, while chimney resurfacing involves repairing and rejuvenating the existing liner or masonry. Each method serves its own purpose based on the condition of the chimney and the specific issues that need to be addressed.

The biggest reasons some might go with resurfacing over relining?

  • Resurfacing typically costs less than relining.
  • Resurfacing processes do not decrease the area of the original flue, so the performance of the appliance won’t be affected.
  • Resurfacing can typically be completed in less than a day, and it shouldn’t involve much disturbance within your home, since the liner isn’t actually being removed.

We Also Use HeatShield® Chimney Lining Resurfacing Methods

We’re also happy to offer HeatShield® as an alternative option to our clients in Memphis. This is a revolutionary system that makes it possible for us to repair and resurface clay tile liners – something that was previously impossible.

What is HeatShield®?

Clay and terracotta chimney liners are commonly used in homes and although both materials can withstand high temperatures, years of exposure to corrosive substances can eventually cause tiles to crack and chip. When a chimney liner is damaged, moisture and gases are able to escape through openings which can cause your chimney to deteriorate even further.

Developed in Europe 20 years ago, HeatShield® is a heat-resistant sealant system that uses Cerfractory® – a hybrid of ceramic and refractory materials – to seal gaps and cracks.

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Our choice material, FireGuard Resurfacing, ensures your chimney remains protected from heat, acid, and water damage for years to come Reach out today to schedule your consultation and experience the Coopertown difference. Your chimney – and your peace of mind – deserve nothing less.


Our chimney services professionals can help determine whether your chimney would benefit from a complete chimney relining. We’re always working to help you find the best solution.