Masonry Chimney Sealer

When looking at heavy, solid brick, “porous” might not be the first word that comes to mind. But brick is a porous material, and that quality is part of what makes it a great building material for chimneys. Because bricks are porous, moisture in the chimney system is able to vent (in vapor form) through the brick, helping the system to function safely and efficiently.

Brick also absorbs a certain amount of moisture, and when that amount is within the right levels, it’s not a problem for the system or the homeowner. But over time, damaged brick can allow far too much water to leech into the brick, acting like a sponge and actively pulling water in. If you begin to hear that telltale “drip, drip, drip” in your chimney an hour or so into a heavy rainstorm, there’s a good chance your bricks are pulling in more water than they’re supposed to.

That might sound like a scary and frustrating problem, but Coopertown Services has a great solution. We can apply a waterproofing masonry sealer that’s one hundred percent vapor permeable — it’ll keep water out, but it won’t block the brick’s ability to vent vapors.

Many different sealer products have hit the market over the years, but only a few of the very best products offer real, valuable, long-term protection. Applying a cheap product can often cause more harm than good, blocking water for only a short time and then inhibiting a quality, lasting product from properly adhering to and penetrating the masonry.

At Coopertown Services, we use a custom-made masonry sealer formulated just for us, designed just for chimneys.


You Don’t Have To Wait Until You Have A Leak To Get Value Out Of A Waterproofing Masonry Sealer

A leaky chimney might encourage you to seek out a masonry sealer, but you don’t have to wait for a problem for waterproofing to be a worthwhile investment. Waterproofing will help you avoid leaks down the line, and will extend the life of your chimney system by protecting the bricks and mortar from water damage. Adding a masonry sealer is an affordable and easy way to invest in your chimney and your home, and keep your family from experiencing the frustration that comes with a leaky chimney.

If you have a leaky chimney or simply want to protect your masonry against water, Coopertown Services can apply a great, long-lasting masonry sealer. Call us at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment!


Defective or missing flashing could be causing your chimney to leak. The pros at Coopertown can correctly diagnose the problem and get it fixed.