Energy-Efficient Gas Appliance Relining

Many homeowners (with the intent of being energy-efficient, eco-conscious and just plain smart with their money) opt to replace their older, inefficient, gas-burning furnaces and water heaters with newer, more efficient units. But all too often, Coopertown Services technicians see new appliances installed to vent through existing chimneys, without any consideration given to flue size and appliance compatibility.

In order to work properly and allow for adequate draft (to allow the gases resulting from combustion to flow up and out of the chimney), any type of combustion-based heating appliance must vent through a flue that is appropriately-sized. High-efficiency appliances are great when it comes to reducing heat waste, but the flue needs a certain amount of heat in order to create the proper draft. That’s why newer appliances tend to require smaller flues — the smaller space allows enough heat to instigate the proper draft.

Inefficiency is one thing, but an improperly sized flue can also lead to system damage and dangerous conditions. A flue that doesn’t account for the heat needed for proper draft leads to increased condensation; increased condensation leads to a deteriorating flue; a deteriorating flue can allow dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide to access your home.

Coopertown Services technicians can inspect your furnace or water heater’s venting system and tell you whether or not it’s safe and sized correctly. If your appliance isn’t working with the correctly sized flue, we can reline it so that the appliance and its venting system are compatible.

If your liner has degraded, we can replace it with a durable new liner that’s sized as it should be, and installed correctly.

Damage To Your Gas Appliance Venting System Isn’t Always Obvious

Although damage to the chimney that’s venting your gas appliance can be visually inconspicuous, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has outlined a few signs that may help you identify a problem, including:

  • Blistering paint or peeling wallpaper around the chimney
  • Damp spots on walls (inside or outside) around the chimney
  • Ceiling stains
  • White “efflorescence” stains on the exterior of your masonry chimney
  • Damaged bricks or mortar joints

But the best way to keep abreast of problems with the flue or chimney (related to your gas appliance) is to schedule an inspection by a CSIA-certified Coopertown Services technician.

If you’re unsure of the condition or compatibility of your gas appliance venting system, call Coopertown Services at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment. Our CSIA-certified technicians would love to help!


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