HeatShield® Flue Liner Repair

When an inspection reveals cracks and gaps in the mortar joints of your chimney liner, or damage along the expanse of that liner, you may be on your way to needing a new liner — although that isn’t always the only option. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to have your liner repaired and restored using HeatShield®, a cerfractory sealant product that Coopertown Services regularly installs and recommends.

Cerfractory is a combination of ceramic and refractory, which means HeatShield® is designed to properly seal the flue and hold up to the intense heat that your fireplace produces.

If your flue liner is damaged or failing, Coopertown Services technicians will do a thorough assessment of the state of your chimney system, and explain what the most effective options are. If HeatShield® makes sense for your home, we’ll recommend one of several installation methods, depending on what kind of damage we’ve found.

How Is HeatShield® Installed?

If Coopertown Services is repairing your damaged flue liner, we’ll use one of two different HeatShield® repair systems to rid the liner of its defects.

Missing or Damaged Gasket Material Between Flue Liners
If the problems are largely in the flue liner gaskets (either they’re cracked, eroded, or gaps and voids have developed), Coopertown technicians will likely recommend HeatShield®’s Joint Repair System. We’ll use a specially designed applicator to fill any voids that exist in your liner, then smooth and seal them. After joint repairs are made, we’ll video scan the flue to ensure that every problem area has been addressed.

More Extensive Damage
If your flue liner’s damage is spread throughout, but the liner is still intact enough for repairs, we’ll recommend HeatShield®’s Resurfacing System. To begin, Coopertown Services technicians apply an initial coat to prep and prime your flue, followed by a 1/4 inch layer of HeatShield® material. Just as we would after the Joint Repair system, we’ll video scan afterward to ensure that you have a fully restored, smoke-tight flue.

HeatShield® Makes A Chimney Relining Product, Too

If your chimney liner is damaged beyond repair, Coopertown Services technicians can reline your flue using HeatShield®’s CeCure Sleeve Relining System. This product also uses the company’s cerfractory sealant material, but in this case, it uses ceramic insulation reinforced with stainless steel on both sides.

It’s one of several different chimney relining options that Coopertown Services offers.

If you’d like to find out more about HeatShield® products and if they might be right for your chimney, call Coopertown Services at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment! Our experienced, CSIA-certified technicians would love to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home!

There are other options for relining your chimney that may work better for you. Be sure to check with our highly-qualified staff for all the information you need about this type of chimney repair/renovation.