We Rebuild Fireboxes

The firebox has one of the toughest jobs: it must stand up, use after use, to the immensely hot fires you build in it, and to the hot gases that result from those fires. Unfortunately, high heat and hot gas can wear down even the strong and sturdy materials masonry fireboxes are commonly made with. The firebox must also withstand the effects of your home settling over time, which can cause cracks and gaps to form. Considering what the firebox is up against, it’s understandable that firebox repairs or a full rebuild might be necessary at some point.

A newly rebuilt firebox inside an outdoor fireplace with herringbone brick on back and beautiful limestone surround
When Coopertown Services technicians inspect your chimney system, we’ll take a close look at the firebox to make sure that cracks, mortar joints erosion or other damage hasn’t occurred in its walls or base. If issues or defects are found, we’ll talk with you about the best ways to bring your fireplace back to a safe and functional state, and let you know if a firebox rebuild is necessary. If you notice cracks or other damage in your firebox, call us — we can tell you how serious the damage is, and what steps you should take.

As you can imagine, an intact firebox is incredibly important to the safety of your home. Cracks and gaps in a firebox can allow heat to transfer to other areas of your home, increasing the chance of a fire. If a rebuild is the safest step to take, Coopertown Services can build a beautiful, lasting firebox that you can be proud of and confident in.

Masonry Fireboxes: The Ins And Outs

Masonry fireboxes are built on-site on a concrete footing that can stand up to the full weight of your brick-and-mortar chimney system. For the firebox itself, chimney technicians use firebrick and refractory mortar, which are specially designed to hold up against all the heat.

One great advantage to rebuilding a masonry firebox is that you’ll have a lot of options for reinventing your fireplace’s look. Firebrick is available in many different colors, and Coopertown Services technicians can build the firebox with a variety of different brick patterns, from more traditional running bond to arresting basket weave or dynamic herringbone patterns. Give us an idea of the kind of fireboxes that catch your eye, and we can create one that you’ll truly love.

If your firebox is damaged, Coopertown Services can rebuild it to last. Call us at 901-358-7777 or click here to schedule an appointment!

A prefabricated chimney (or chase, as it is properly called) is often surrounded by a chase cover. If yours is damaged in any way, we can repair it to keep everything operating safely.