This cute little critter may seem harmless, but if it decides to make a home out of your chimney, it becomes a problem. Call us now and we'll get them out of your chimney the right way!

This cute little critter may seem harmless, but if it decides to make a home out of your chimney, it becomes a problem. Call us now and we’ll get them out of your chimney the right way!

One morning, you are startled to hear the scurrying of little feet above your fireplace, and that can only mean one thing: you have some type of critter, most likely a squirrel or a raccoon, living in your chimney. Frightened by this idea, you may panic as what to do, and unfortunately, in this area, we are surrounded by animals like squirrels, bats, birds, rats, raccoons, and other wild animals looking for a warm place to call home (even your home’s chimney and other areas), so this scenario is likely to happen to you at some point in your life as a homeowner. Luckily for you, we at Coopertown Services are experts at humanely removing animals from your chimney, attic, or other areas of your home. So when you hear those strange scurrying noises, give us a call immediately so that we can do the animal removal plan that fits your needs.

Removing the Animals Humanely

According to The Humane Society of the United States, a squirrel, or other wild animal, should never be driven out of a chimney by a fire or any kind of smoke at all. As an animal could be trapped and/or injured inside your chimney, this method could be very inhumane, and we pride ourselves for never hurting or harming any animals under our care of removing them. We also take care to keep mother animals together with any babies she may have had while nesting in your chimney. We do not merely use traps, but all sorts of sophisticated tricks we have learned and developed over the years to safely remove animals, and we are trained to do this work with proper care as well as know what to do with the animals after they are removed. Unlicensed people with no experience at this type of task should not attempt this at all, as it can be quite dangerous and risky.

Check-up after Removing the Animals

After the animal is removed, we then check what damage the animal may have done to your chimney. From bringing in debris to make a nest causing a fire hazard to leaving behind animal droppings in your fireplace which can cause two dangers (1: sparking fires and 2: spreading germs of a possibly fatal disease, histoplasmosis), an animal taking up residence in your chimney can cause you some problems other than just living there. We will clean up the messes left behind as well as repair the leaks and holes of the entrances made by the animal because we do not want any more animals coming back to make a new home within your house. We will seal everything up with steel mesh, stainless steel screws, and metal. You may want us to install a lock-top damper and a chimney cap to ensure no more critters come back to roost in your chimney. These are both excellent ways to protect your home from intruding animals.

Be sure to call us at Coopertown Services when you hear any scurrying sounds in your fireplace because we will be happy to help you take care of this problem quickly and humanely.