The chimney cap sits on top of the chimney and protects the flue from water, animals, debris, and more. In addition to keeping the elements out, chimney caps are also used to help keep sparks and embers off of the roof; this can reduce the risk of accidental firesChimney Cap Installation and Repair - Memphis TN - Coopertown Services your roof or surrounding landscaping or buildings, particularly during extremely dry conditions.

Made of a solid metal hood with mesh or wire sides, chimney caps allow the fireplace to vent effectively without allowing damaging things in. However, chimney caps may become damaged over time and need repairs – or to be replaced – in order to effectively protect your fireplace system.

Chimney cap repair

Chimney caps can be damaged in a number of ways; incorrect installation, overexposure to the elements, or severe weather can all cause damage to the chimney cap. Enterprising squirrels, birds, and raccoons have also been known to cause chimney cap damage in an attempt to get into the flue! If the chimney cap has sustained minor damage, such as holes in the mesh sides, it can often be repaired. More significant damage, however, may require the chimney cap to be replaced entirely.

Chimney cap installation

If your chimney cap is damaged beyond repair, missing entirely, or you simply want to update your roofline, it may be time to consider installing a new chimney cap. The first step is finding a chimney cap that fits your chimney; a perfect fit ensures there are no gaps or cracks large enough for animals, debris, or moisture to fit through. Likewise, a good fit can also prevent damage from severe weather or exposure to the elements. Professional chimney cap installation can ensure that your new chimney cap is not only the right size, but is safely and securely installed to the top of the chimney where it can protect the flue for years to come.

Types of chimney caps

Chimneys come in a wide variety of sizes and styles; because of this, there is also a wide variety of choices for chimney caps. There are three main types of chimney caps: single flue, multi flue, and custom chimney caps.

  • Single flue: Single flue chimney caps are the most common and are a standard safety feature for single flue fireplaces. These chimney caps come in a variety of sizes in order to best fit your specific chimney and can be made of metals including steel or copper.
  • Multi flue: If you have a chimney system with multiple flues, a multi flue chimney cap may be the right choice. These chimney caps are made with a larger hood to cover the tops of multiple flues instead of having a number of smaller caps. This can help create a sleeker roofline.
  • Custom: While chimney caps serve an important functional purpose, their design does not have to be utilitarian. A custom chimney cap can be designed to using a variety of metals to not just perfectly fit your flue, but to match your home’s design and add curb appeal.

Chimney caps serve an important purpose in protecting your fireplace and flue – but this doesn’t have to mean they have to be utilitarian. For more information on repairing your chimney cap or installing a new one, contact Coopertown Services today!