A beautiful fireplace can add warmth – and value – to your home. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, fireplaces are the 2nd most popular feature buyers look for in a house. Because of this, keeping your fireplace in good condition can help add future resale value to your home.

If your fireplace has begun to look dated, has been damaged, or is otherwise past its prime, it may be time for a fireplace rebuild. Rebuilding your fireplace can leave you with a beautiful heating appliance that also improves your home’s value. Below are some reasons to consider having your fireplace rebuilt.

Fireplace Rebuilds -Memphis TN - Coopertown Services

1. Improve safety and efficiency

When fireplaces or chimneys undergo major damage from leaks, chimney fires, or other issues, oftentimes the only way to make the fireplace usable again is to have it rebuilt. Rebuilding the fireplace can allow you to continue using it instead of relegating it to a purely decorative purpose. Likewise, rebuilding, improving, or upgrading your existing fireplace may also improve efficiency and help you save money on heating costs.

2. Upgrade to a new appliance

Many homes have older fireplaces that function well but are often woefully inefficient. During a fireplace rebuild, a newer or more efficient fireplace can be installed. Installing a new fireplace insert can improve efficiency and reduce air pollution; closed-system inserts operate using closed-system combustion, allowing them to burn more fuel with less heat lost up the chimney. Inserts are available in a number of styles, sizes, and fuel choices to meet the heating needs of any home.

3. Add value

Fireplaces are valuable selling features in any home; surveys have shown that buyers are willing to add as much as $1,400 to the purchase price of a home with a fireplace. However, just having a fireplace isn’t enough. Only 31% of buyers believe that quality is a fireplace’s most important trait, while 46% of buyers believe looks are a fireplace’s most important aspect. By rebuilding, improving, or upgrading your fireplace you can add value to your home that will reflect in the list price if you decide to sell.

4. Match your design style

If you favor sleek, modern design, a traditional fireplace can stick out like a sore thumb. Having a fireplace rebuilt can be a way to match the design of your fireplace to the rest of your home. Whether you want contemporary, traditional, or something in between, a custom rebuild can make your fireplace the focal point of your home.

Rebuilding a fireplace can be as minor as installing a new insert or as major as tearing down an existing chimney and building it again from the ground up. Whether you want to make a little change or a big one, trust Coopertown Services to rebuild you the fireplace of your dreams. Contact us today for more information on fireplace rebuilds and what we can do for your fireplace and chimney.