You can trust Coopertown Services with your next custom chimney cap!

You can trust Coopertown Services with your next custom chimney cap!

The chimney cap is one of the most important parts of your chimney system. It not only provides a decorative and attractive finish to the top of the chimney structure, but it also protects your fireplace and chimney against animals, water, and debris.

Despite all that the chimney cap does, many homeowners do not have chimney caps that properly fit their chimneys. A custom chimney cap from a chimney professional is specifically made for your home and is often the best way to protect your fireplace and chimney.

The importance of a chimney cap

A chimney cap is a metal covering that protects the top of the flue. A good chimney cap can keep your chimney free from animals, moisture, and debris; an ill-fitting or damaged chimney cap can leave your fireplace and chimney exposed and prone to damage. Below are some of the things that your chimney cap protects your chimney against.

Animal entry: To many birds and small mammals, a chimney is an inviting place to hide from predators or escape the elements. However, animals can be extremely damaging to the entire chimney system. In addition to easily becoming trapped, animals can lead behind droppings and nesting materials that can create blockages or fire hazards in the chimney. Likewise, many animals can cause damage to the chimney liner while attempting to maneuver in the flue. When working correctly, a chimney cap keeps animals out of the chimney.

Debris: When the top of the flue is unprotected, blowing or falling debris can easily get into the chimney. Leaves, twigs, and branches can all damage the chimney and create blockages, preventing smoke and gas from properly venting when the fireplace is in use. These blockages can also lead to potential chimney fires.

Moisture: Water from rain, ice, and snow can be one of the most damaging forces to your chimney. Without a chimney cap, your flue and fireplace are left exposed to the elements. Water entry can damage the chimney liner, cause rusting on interior metal parts such as the damper, and can also cause masonry damage such as cracking or spalling.

Why get a custom chimney cap

Although manufactured chimney caps are available in several different sizes, it may be difficult to find one that exactly fits your chimney. This is especially true in homes that have unique or older chimneys that may not fit current cap sizes. A custom chimney cap built by a chimney professional will perfectly fit your chimney. Because it is built to your chimney’s exact specifications, you are guaranteed that it will fit well with no cracks or gaps caused by sizing issues. This helps better protect your chimney system.

In addition to fitting better, a custom chimney cap also gives you the option of personalizing the design. Manufactured chimney caps may only be available in a few colors or styles. In comparison, a custom chimney cap can be created to exactly match your home’s exterior aesthetics using the materials, style, and colors you prefer.

If you current chimney cap isn’t doing its job well, consider getting a custom chimney cap. Click here to contact the chimney professionals at Coopertown Services today to learn about what a custom chimney cap can do for your home!