In Tennessee, many of our neighborhoods include beautiful, mature trees. Unfortunately, these trees often harbor one of the most difficult to remove backyard pests – the squirrel. While squirrels are fun to observe in parks, they are a serious nuisance around the home.

In addition to taking up residence in backyard trees, destroying garden plots, taunting household pets, and stealing seed out of bird feeders, they can also find ways to chew, gnaw, and claw their way into your chimney, crawlspace, and attic. At Coopertown Services, we are here to inform you of the dangers of having squirrels in your home and how to prevent them from getting inside.

Are squirrels really that destructive?

squirrel in the wildSquirrels are small and cute at times, but you should not underestimate them. These destructive animals have sharp claws. which can allow them to climb virtually any surface, jump long distances, and have teeth that can gnaw through every building material. Squirrels have a biting power of 7500 pounds per square inch; from aluminum and wood to vinyl and plastic. They can gnaw through any material basically.

I think there are squirrels in my attic – now what?

An important part of attic design is ventilation. However, they also give squirrels multiple entry points to get inside your attic. There are several signs there could be squirrels in your attic, and the signs include the following:

  • A strong smell of animal urine or waste
  • Visible holes on the roofline or around attic vents
  • Sounds of scurrying, movement, or crying in the attic

Like many wild animals, squirrels are extremely territorial, particularly when a nest is involved. Because of this, it is important not to try to remove them on your own. At Coopertown Services, our team of technicians has been removing wildlife from homes in Tennessee since 1978.

In addition to getting the squirrels out of your attic, our technicians can find the entry points and seal them with gnaw-proof stainless steel mesh. They can also repair any damage they may have caused. We are so confident that we can successfully remove the squirrels from your attic – and prevent them from coming back – that we provide a written, one-year money-back guarantee against animal entry.

How can I keep squirrels out of my attic?

Squirrels love attics. Since attics are enclosed spaces, it protects them from predators and the elements, easy to reach from nearby trees, and full of materials that can be used to create nests. However, there are a number of ways to prevent squirrels from getting into your attic.

  • Trim nearby trees. Tall trees surrounding the house are the most common way squirrels get into the attic. You should cut back nearby tree branches, particularly those that hang over or come within a few feet of the roofline.
  • Take down bird feeders. Your bird feeder could be attracting the wrong kind of wildlife! Removing bird feeders takes away an easily-accessible food source for squirrels and encourage them to move on and find food elsewhere.
  • Secure trash cans. Outdoor trash cans that are open or have easy to remove lids provide easy food access for squirrels – and other wildlife including raccoons. You should consider investing in trashcans with heavy, difficult to remove lids. You could also move them to an enclosed area such as a garage or shed to discourage them from messing with your trash.

Squirrels are destructive, but they are no match for the highly trained technicians at Coopertown Services! For more information on how we can remove squirrels from your attic and keep them from coming back, contact us today!