Did you recently hire Coopertown Services to sweep, inspect, rebuild, or repair your fireplace system? Did we humanely remove animals or repair a chimney leak? If so, did you review your experience?

While reviewing a chimney sweep might not be high on your list of priorities, it is the best way to end your chimney service! Reviewing your chimney sweep not only helps us recognize and improve our business, but also helps your friends and neighbors find the best chimney services for their needs.

The Importance of Reviewing Your Chimney SweepThe Importance of Reviewing Your Chimney Sweep Image - Memphis, TN - Coopertown Services

When your chimney sweep has finished his services, we ask that our customers take a few minutes to sit down and write a review. Below are three reasons why reviewing your chimney sweep is important.

  1. Help others find the right services. Phonebooks are a thing of the past; most of us now search for information online. By leaving a detailed review of the chimney services you received, you help others find the right sweep for them – as well as avoid scams.
  2. Help businesses improve. Reviewing your services can help businesses improve their own services. If you had an excellent experience, a five star review can help your sweep get the recognition they deserve. Likewise, if there was a way service could have been better a detailed review can help them improve in the future.
  3. Help local businesses grow. Small businesses grow and thrive on word of mouth between friends and family; by writing a review for a small business you can help others get more information about a local business.

Writing Constructive Reviews

While all reviews are appreciated, detailed, constructive reviews are the best way to ensure your voice and opinion gets heard. By leaving a constructive review, you can not only help others find the best chimney services but also help the business improve for future customers. These three tips can help you leave a constructive review of your chimney services.

  1. Avoid errors. Before hitting publish on your review, take a few moments to review it for errors. By ensuring there are no typos or other grammatical errors, you can help ensure other swill take your review seriously instead of skimming over it. Typing your review in a word processing program first is a good way to avoid mistakes.
  2. Avoid writing when upset. If you had bad service, your first thought might be to head to the computer. However, instead of writing when angry try contacting the company themselves first; many businesses will do what they can to correct or resolve the problem. After doing this, write a review that covers both the original problem as well as how the company responded. Include specific details.
  3. Include details in your review can help future customers find the best services for their homes. Who was your chimney sweep? What time of year was your appointment? Were they on time and courteous? Was the estimate close to the final cost? Was the reason for your appointment resolved? Specific examples to questions such as these create a thorough picture of the service you received.