Wood-burning fireplaces offer a classic aesthetic that many feel cannot be matched by other fuel types. We get it! A genuine, crackling fire is hard to beat, and there is nothing like throwing a few logs in your fireplace and relaxing by the hearth. That being said, these wood-fueled types tend to require a bit more maintenance on the part of the homeowner.

Knowing how to take care of your wood-burning fireplace is important for keeping the unit healthy and for keeping your family as safe as possible. One thing that should be done regularly is clearing out fireplace ash. Learn more about this below to ensure you keep your system running great year after year.

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When removing ash, remember that sparks, embers, and hot coals can stay alive in your ash pile for days, so proper storage is vital. Jump dumping ash into a garbage bag could easily result in a house fire, putting your whole family at risk.

Invest in a metal bucket with a good handle and a tight-sealing lid. The bottom should also be slightly raised, to keep any heat off of the ground. Remove the ash with a metal scoop, place it in the bucket, then seal it shut, so that no oxygen can get to the embers. Then, place the bucket on a non-flammable surface, like concrete or brick, for a few days before disposing of it..

Do I Need To Clear My Ash After Every Fire?

If you are determined to stay on top of it and aim to clear out your ash after every fire you build, let us stop you. You do not need to clean your firebox this often, and you can actually gain a lot of benefits by leaving behind an inch or so of ash. It protects your firebox floor and it makes lighting future fires a bit easier, too.

How does this help? Well, when hot coals are settled into your ash pile, they tend to produce more heat, ensuring your fire burns stronger and longer. It will be easier to both light the fire and to keep it going throughout the day or night. Just don’t let the ash touch your fireplace grate, as this can cause it to wear down in a hurry.

Done With Your Burning Season?

Once your season is officially over, it is time to clear out all of your ash, once and for all. If you won’t be building any more fires for months to come, leaving a layer of ash behind will do more harm than good. It draws in moisture, which can cause damage, forcing you to invest in repair work.

If you are officially done lighting fires for the year, call in our team of experts today. We will be happy to set you up with an inspection and sweeping, so you don’t need to worry about a thing when cooler weather comes back around next fall. Get in touch soon!