In 1977 Ken Robinson was a professional chimney sweep in half a day as there was only one job, clean out the creosote. In 2017, thanks to organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the training, technology and scientific study takes about a year to become a certified chimney sweep. The homeowner greatly benefits by hiring a chimney sweep who has gone through this training.father and son master chimney sweeps - memphis tn - coopertown services

Yet the training has a more elite level that takes years to achieve, Master Chimney Sweep. This is not an honorary level but a highly scientific level that combines exhausting study and years of actual experience. You really have to walk the talk to become a Master Chimney Sweep. As of June 2017 there were only 32 Master Chimney Sweeps in the U.S.. Ken is one of the earliest Master Chimney Sweeps. This past August Master Chimney Sweep #33 joins the ranks, Ken’s son Kenny. They are the only father and son Master Chimney Sweeps in the U.S.

Master Chimney Sweep Kenny Robinson walks the talk and this is a big win for homeowners in the mid-south. Since 1977 our customers asked for Ken to come clean and inspect their chimney because they knew he was the best of the best. Today they’ll book as much as a year in advance to have Kenny come to their home.

We are so proud of Kenny to have followed not only in his father’s footsteps but also the tradition and dedication to be the very best of the best, Master Chimney Sweep.