The new year has arrived, and with the new year comes new year’s resolutions. Some people try to hit the gym or reorganize their closets. This year, ring in the new year with expert chimney maintenance from our certified chimney sweeps!

When should I sweep my chimney?

Ring In The New Year With Expert Chimney Maintenance - Memphis TN - Coopertown ServicesWhether you use your fireplace every day during the fall and winter or only burn a few times per year, an annual chimney sweeping is the most important part of fireplace maintenance. By scheduling your chimney sweeping at the start of the new year, you can get it out of the way and off the calendar again until 2019!

If you use your fireplace as a primary heat source it may need to be swept more than once per year. National Fire Protection Association Code 211 states that chimneys should be swept any time there is at least 1/8th of an inch of accumulation of soot in the flue. In normal burning conditions, this amount of accumulation occurs when burning a full cord of wood; if you use more than one cord of wood during a burning season, consider adding an additional mid-season chimney sweeping to your annual maintenance.

Why should I use a certified chimney sweep?

Not everyone with a brush and a truck is a qualified to clean your chimney. In fact, most contractors, handymen, or other laborers lack the knowledge and experience to safely and successfully clean your chimney. Because of this, it is important to find a chimney sweep certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

CSIA chimney sweeps are certified fireplace professionals who have undergone a rigorous education and testing curriculum. Likewise, chimney sweeps must retest every three years in order to maintain their certification; this ensures that CSIA certified chimney sweeps are up to date on the latest advancements in safety and technology in the industry.

What can I expect during a chimney sweeping?

Our chimney technicians are highly trained, educated, and knowledgeable professionals. Chimney sweeps are punctual and explain what will be done. In addition, they answer any of your questions about the process.

Protective coverings guard furnishings or floors near the fireplace. This protects your home’s décor from ash or soot stains. Instead of basic technology, we use advanced technologies such as vacuums or closed circuit cameras during sweeps. When finished, the sweep will clean up and give you an extensive summary of the repair and condition of your chimney.

Ring in 2018 with a new year’s resolution to take better care of your fireplace system! To schedule your next chimney maintenance, contact the fireplace professionals at Coopertown Services today!