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Germantown – a suburb of Memphis and located in Shelby County – is known for its high quality of life, excellent schools, and community-oriented atmosphere. What do residents enjoy doing here? Well, some options when the weather is nice include:

  • Trailing through Germantown Greenway: This scenic trail system is perfect for walking, running, and biking – and connects several parks!
  • Exploring Cameron Brown Park: A popular spot for families, this park features sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas.
  • Strolling in Municipal Park: Known for its serene environment, this park offers walking trails, fishing ponds, and sports facilities.
  • Visiting Oaklawn Garden: This historic garden and park feature a variety of native plants, historical artifacts, and a charming old train caboose.

There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to check out, or you could attend a show or event at Germantown Performing Arts Center. Interested in community events? Germantown Festival and the Christmas Holiday Parade are two you don’t want to miss.

Or, if you want to simply run a few errands, then spend the day at home relaxing, Germantown has everything you need to get that done too. Grab some groceries, pick up those stamps you’ve been meaning to get, grab a book or two from the Germantown Community Library, then rest in front of your fireplace with ease, knowing Coopertown Services has got it set up right for you.

Need to book your annual fireplace inspection? Or do you have critters in your home that need to pack their bags? We can help with it all – call or book online today.

Chris Hall and Sims did a great job coming out to repair my chimney from all the water damage it had taken over the years. I would highly recommend this company for any chimney work that they have in the future. Chris and Sims were very thorough in their repairs and showed me photos of every step once they were done. Everyone from this company was very friendly.

-Aaron S.

Are You Looking for a Germantown TN Chimney Company? Choose Us

We see it almost everyday – someone gets on social media to warn others about a person or company they hired that ended up taking their money before finishing the job – or doing the job incorrectly. The process of hiring someone for chimney services is stressful, especially when you don’t know who to trust.

So what’s the secret to finding a reputable chimney company you can rely on for the long haul?

Start by asking around and checking out reviews online. Your neighbors in Germantown and Memphis have already experienced the exceptional service provided by the crew here at Coopertown, and if you don’t believe us, just check out the multiple 5-star reviews on our company.

Other things we recommend looking into before hiring a chimney company include:

  • Certifications & Licenses: Many are surprised to learn that chimney companies are not required to hold any type of certifications – but the best ones will have certifications from reputable and nationally recognized organizations, like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Proper chimney care is essential to home safety, so education and certification are must-haves.
  • Insurance: Liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance are extremely important because it not only protects our employees…it also protects you in case any accidents or damage occur on the job.
  • Experience: Find someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, but actually walks the walk. A technician who confidently handles all of your chimney service needs is so important, so choose a chimney company that advertises extensive history in the industry.
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You’ll be happy to know that Coopertown checks all the boxes. We are proud to have highly skilled technicians who have undergone extensive training in order to handle every job – big or small – and we’re the oldest chimney service and wildlife removal provider in the area. We’ve been here since 1978!

Most importantly, though, we love our customers and the reviews they have left highlighting their positive experiences with us. That is why your neighbors continue to choose us time and again for their chimney and fireplace needs.

Do you need to get something scheduled? Reach out now – we’re here for you.

Why Hire a Professional for Wildlife Removal in Germantown?

So, wildlife removal…DIY or hire a pro? Hiring a professional for wildlife removal is definitely the way to go and offers several significant advantages that ensure the safety, effectiveness, and humane treatment of animals. Let’s go over the most important points:

  • Personal Safety: Wild animals can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when threatened. Professionals are trained to handle wildlife safely, minimizing the risk of injury. In addition, wildlife can carry diseases such as rabies, hantavirus, and Lyme disease. Professionals have the necessary equipment and knowledge to protect themselves (and others) from these health risks.
  • Humane Treatment: Professionals are trained to handle and relocate animals humanely, adhering to local and national wildlife regulations throughout the process. Proper techniques reduce the stress and harm to the animal during capture and relocation, ensuring less environmental impact overall.
  • Expert Knowledge: Professionals can accurately identify the type of animal and understand its behavior. This knowledge allows them to implement the most effective removal strategies. Experts can also identify entry points and advise on preventive measures to ensure the wildlife does not return.
  • Effectiveness: You want to know that all the animals are out – and that they’ll stay out. Professionals not only remove the current problem, but also address potential future issues, ensuring a long-term solution.
  • Legal Compliance: Many areas have specific requirements and laws regarding the handling and relocation of wildlife. Failing to follow these can affect surrounding biodiversity and result in fines. Professionals are aware of these laws and ensure compliance, avoiding potential legal issues.
  • Property Protection: Wildlife can cause significant damage to property, especially if they feel scared or cornered. Professionals can avoid further damage, then assess and repair any that’s already occurred. After removal, our professionals can also clean and sanitize affected areas, reducing health risks and preventing pest issues.
  • Peace of Mind: All in all, hiring a professional ensures the job is done correctly the first time, providing peace of mind that the problem is fully resolved. We even offer follow-up visits and a money-back guarantee, providing additional assurance that the issue will not recur.

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Being a local company, we are passionate about helping members of our community stay safer and better equipped, whether they’re dealing with chimney issues or wildlife in their home. What really sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to ensure that every job is done right the first time, and that you, the homeowner, aren’t left with a bill in your hand wondering what’s actually been done.

If you’re in need of chimney or wildlife removal services in Germanton, Memphis, and beyond, give us a call or book online now. We can’t wait to hear from you.


When we travel to Bartlett, we are always prepared to provide all our chimney and wildlife removal services to customers in this portion of our service region.