Year after year, fireplaces are one of the most sought after features in a home. According to the National Association of Home Builders, fireplaces continue to be the second most requested feature for potential buyers.

If your home’s fireplace has begun to show its age, now is the perfect time to have it renovated or repaired. You may even want to have a new fireplace installed. Take advantage of the summer slow season by getting a new fireplace today!Summer Installation and Repair Image - Memphis TN - Cooperstown Services

Get Repairs Done This Summer

Summer may seem like an unusual time to be thinking about your fireplace, but it is actually the perfect season to have chimney repairs made! Whether its annual maintenance, minor masonry repairs, or a major chimney rebuild, summer is the time to have your chimney repaired.

The following are three reasons to consider having your chimney repairs done this summer.

  1. No interruptions in fireplace use.
    While waiting for repairs to be made it may be unsafe to use the fireplace; likewise, the fireplace may also be unusable during the duration of a major masonry repair. Being unable to use the fireplace in the summer is typically not a problem, whereas in winter it can affect your ability to heat your home.
  2. Get the best appointment times.
    Fall and winter are extremely busy seasons for chimney sweeps; because of this, it may be difficult to get an appointment at a convenient time. There may also be long waiting times. Avoid this by scheduling chimney maintenance and repairs during the slower months of summer, allowing you to get an appointment that works with your schedule.
  3. The fireplace is ready for fall.
    There is no worse feeling than eagerly awaiting using the fireplace in the fall – only to realize it is damaged, dirty, or still needs to be repaired. Ensure your fireplace system is ready for the first cold snap of fall by having it repaired during the summer. When the temperatures start to drop, your fireplace will be ready to burn safely and efficiently all winter long.

Thinking About a New Fireplace?

Whether your old fireplace is outdated, out of service, unserviceable, or no longer matches your heating needs, a new fireplace may be able to solve many of your fireplace complaints. Installing a new fireplace insert into your existing hearth allows you to have a heating appliance that burns safely and efficiently, as well as meets your design style.

If you love your fireplace but aren’t crazy about how it looks, a fireplace facelift can be performed. Our expert masons work with homeowners to design new hearths made of brick, stone, and tile. Refacing an existing fireplace is a way to save on a complete fireplace rebuild while still getting the look of a brand new fireplace system.

This summer, don’t let your fireplace sit idle; instead, have chimney repair or restoration done so the fireplace system is ready to use again in the fall. For more information on summer chimney repairs or to learn about our modular fireplace options, contact Coopertown Services today!