With kids back in school, football on the weekends, and cooler temperatures just around the corner, fall is finally on its way! The beginning of fall also marks the beginning of the busiest time of year for chimney sweeps. As the weather cools, more and more families begin using their fireplaces for the season; this also means that more and more families are ready to have their chimney swept! The following tips can ensure your family – and your fireplace – Image of a calendar with an appointment circled on the calendarare ready for your fall chimney sweeping appointment.

1. Move furniture or valuables

Our chimney sweeps make every effort to leave your house in the same condition we found it! To prevent damage to your items, please move any valuables or breakables that are within six feet of the fireplace. This includes rolling up rugs, moving nearby furnishings, and removing décor from the mantle.

2. Do not use the fireplace for 24 hours

Do not use the fireplace or stove for at least 24 hours before the appointment; this ensures that there are no hot fireplace components and our technicians can safely clean and inspect the chimney. Likewise, please remove any remaining ash from the firebox.

3. Prepare to be flexible

September through January are the busiest months for chimney sweeps! During the fall and winter season, we sometimes have waits of three weeks or longer for an appointment. Because of this, we ask that our customers prepare to be flexible when making appointments! For more convenient scheduling, plan ahead and schedule chimney services during the less busy spring and summer months.

4. Please crate pets

We love pets! However, we ask that homeowners please crate up or lock up pets while we are working in your home. Our technicians go in and out of the home frequently; we don’t want to run the risk of accidentally letting your fur baby escape.

5. Don’t forget your other appliances

If it burns fuel and has a flue, it needs to be swept and inspected, too! Furnaces are the most common fuel-burning appliance that we sweep the flue for; while our technicians do not service the actual furnace, sweeping the furnace flue can prevent blockages and keep your furnace running safely and efficiently.

6. Forward schedule your next appointment

You can schedule chimney sweep appointments in advance the same way you schedule appointments for your doctor or dentist! While your technician is at your house, simply ask about forward-scheduling your next appointment. Not only does this ensure you get an appointment date and time that is convenient for you and your schedule, but it also means you have one less thing to worry about! When next fall arrives, your chimney sweeping and inspection is already scheduled.

7. Ask questions!

Our chimney technicians are highly trained, certified professionals. While we want to make sure your chimney system is clean and safe to use, we also love educating our customers on the ins and outs of their fireplaces. Can’t get the damper to close all the way? Don’t know how to adjust the temperature on your gas fireplace? Just ask! Contact us today for more information on caring for your fireplace system or to schedule your fall appointment!