An odor that won’t go away, scurrying or scratching noises, and the sounds of animal cries from behind the walls all mean one thing – you may have animals in your chimney.

The presence of animals in the chimney is more than a minor annoyance and should not be ignored; not only can the animals be harmed or become trapped, but it often results in damage to the chimney. To protect the animals, your family, and your fireplace, it is important to have wildlife removed as soon as animal entry is suspected.

We Do Animal Removal img - Memphis TN - Coopertown ServicesHow animals get in

Racoons, birds, and small mammals such as squirrels are the wildlife most commonly found in chimney systems. To these animals, chimneys are viewed as a safe and protected place to nest, escape the elements, or seek refuge from predators.

Small animals can enter the chimney by squeezing through even tiny gaps and holes. Racoons are known for clawing and biting at holes or gaps in order to make them big enough for entry. Chimney caps with damaged or missing mesh sides and cracked masonry on the chimney crown are two ways that animals can get into the flue.

Humane animal removal

While many animals can find their way into a chimney, few have the ability to find their way out again. Because of this, many animals become trapped and need to be professionally removed. At Coopertown Services, we have more than 35 years of experience removing middle Tennessee wildlife. We are licensed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency and are National Wildlife Control Operators Association members. We safely and humanely remove animals – and can keep them from returning.

Under no circumstances should homeowners attempt to remove animals themselves; this can not only cause harm to the animals, but can also put you and your family at risk. Many wild animals carry disease; exposure to their nesting materials, droppings, or even bites can transmit illnesses. Likewise, homeowners should never attempt to “smoke out” a trapped animal. Doing this causes animal death before they can escape. It can also cause dried materials in the chimney to ignite.

Preventing animal entry

If you’ve had animals in your chimney in the past, it is important to identify – and repair – how they got in; doing so is the best way to prevent animal reentry in the future. At Coopertown Services, our staff takes the time to thoroughly inspect your fireplace, chimney, roof, and attic for signs of animal entry.

Technicians take an average of 10-12 hours to inspect and secure your home against wildlife entry. Points of potential animal entry are secured using steel mesh and screws; these materials are virtually indestructible, and even the craftiest raccoon will have serious trouble getting through them. We are so confident that we can prevent animal reentry that we offer our customers an one-year money back guarantee that can be renewed with an annual inspection each year.

The animals that find their way into your chimney system may be small, but they can cause major damage. Protect your fireplace and the animals by having them safely removed by the trained staff at Coopertown Services. Contact us today for more information about humane animal removal or animal entry prevention.