Being a chimney sweep is about more than having a truck and a few brushes. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that there are certified professional agencies for chimney sweeps, such as the Chimney Safety master-sweep-logo-finalInstitute of America, or CSIA.

While a CSIA certification ensures that the chimney sweep is a highly trained and professionally educated, they have recently expanded their credential offerings to include “Master Chimney Sweep”. At Coopertown Services, we are proud to be the only chimney sweep company in the country to have multiple Master Chimney Sweeps on staff.

What is a Certified Master Sweep?

For more than 30 years, the CSIA has provided chimney sweeps with the highest professional accreditation in the fireplace and chimney industry. In 2016, an additional credential offering was added: Master Chimney Sweep.

“This credential identifies the best of the best”, said Mark Stoner, CSIA Board President. “The individuals hand-selected for this honor have consistently proven themselves in the industry and have truly gone above and beyond in their efforts to stay at the top of their field.”

Becoming a Master Chimney Sweep is the highest – and most difficult to earn – credential and level of certification for chimney professionals. To earn a CSIA certification, chimney sweeps must go through years of education and testing. Earning the Master Chimney Sweep certification is even more difficult; in addition to holding a CSIA certification for at least 10 years, potential master chimney sweeps must go through a rigorous application and interview process with the CSIA Board of Directors. This ensures that only the very best, highly qualified sweeps earn this prestigious designation.

Meet the CSIA Master Chimney Sweeps at Coopertown Services

There are only 34 Master Chimney Sweeps in the country – and two of them are on our team! At Coopertown Services, we are proud to be the only chimney sweep company in the nation that employs multiple CSIA Certified Master Chimney Sweeps. Ken Robinson Sr. and Kenny Robinson Jr. are the only father and son in the country to both be Master Chimney Sweeps. In addition to their CSIA certifications, Ken and Kenny are also both certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), are licensed HVAC contractors, and are certified wildlife control operators through the NWCOA and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

At Coopertown Services, we pride ourselves at providing our customers with high-quality fireplace and chimney services. Whether you have a leaky chimney, animals in the flue, want to refurbish your fireplace or want a chimney system inspected before buying or selling your home, our highly trained staff can provide you with the best service the industry has to offer.

Master Chimney Sweeps are the most experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable chimney professionals in the country – and we are proud to have two on staff! If you are in the Shelby County area, contact Coopertown Services for more information on what it means to be a Master Chimney Sweep or to schedule your next chimney services.