Winter Animal Removal - Memphis TN - Coopertown ServicesDuring the cold months of winter, most people forgo spending time in the frigid outdoors, instead seeking shelter in their warm homes. Unfortunately, animals are the same way. As the temperatures drop, birds and small mammals are more prone to seek out chimneys as sources of warmth and shelter.

Unfortunately, many of these animals are unable to find their way out after they’ve found their way in. Likewise, some animals may carry disease, meaning they should be safely and humanely removed as soon as possible. Because of this, it is best to work with a licensed company who can not only remove the animals, but can also repair any damage they’ve caused and prevent them from coming back.

How do animals get in?

There are dozens of different ways that animals are able to get into chimneys, attics, crawlspaces, and homes. The most common way wildlife gets in is through uncapped chimneys. Homes with existing yet damaged chimney caps may even have small birds or mammals squeeze in through any cracks or gaps. Most animals find themselves trapped once they’ve gotten into the chimney structure – only raccoons are able to climb the slick walls of a chimney, allowing them to come and go with ease.

How can I get animals out?

If animals have found their way into an attic, chimney, or other area of a home, it is recommended to work with a certified wildlife rescue company to safely remove the animals. Coopertown Services is licensed by both the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and are trained to deal with a wide variety of wildlife nuisance situations.

Homeowners should never attempt to “smoke out” any animals that are trapped in their chimneys. Rather than pushing animals out, the fumes and smoke from a fire are disorienting and deadly. Errant sparks can ignite any nesting materials present in the chimney, leading to chimney fire. Likewise, as many wild animals carry disease, homeowners should never attempt to trap, transport, or remove trapped animals themselves.

The Coopertown Services difference

At Coopertown Services, we have over 35 years of experience when it comes to removing nuisance wildlife from chimneys, attics, and other spaces. We are highly qualified to not just safely and humanely remove any animals that have taken up residency in your chimney, but we are also able to keep them from coming back.

On average, our technicians take 10-12 hours to search and secure a home against wildlife. We use humane methods to remove the animals, and work with local wildlife authorities to keep mothers and babies together whenever possible. Once the animals have been removed, we seal gaps and holes with stainless steel mesh and screws – materials that cannot be gnawed through by returning wildlife. Finally, we are so confident in our ability to remove animals and prevent them from returning that we offer a one year money back warranty that can be renewed year after year.

If you think animals may have taken up residence in your chimney or have an ongoing animal problem, contact Coopertown Services today to safely, humanely, and permanently keep wildlife out of your chimney.