With the temperatures outside hotter than ever, the last thing on many of our minds is using our fireplaces. While you may not be interested in creating extra heat in your Benefits of an Off Season Chimney Cleaning IMG- Memphis TN- Coopertown Serviceshome, now may be the perfect time to have your chimney cleaned!  Because so few homeowners use their fireplaces during the warmer months, summer is considered the “off season” for chimney sweeps. However, there are a number of benefits to having your fireplace and chimney serviced during this time of year.

Benefits of having your chimney cleaned during the summer

Few families use their fireplaces during the summer, and that in part is what makes it an ideal time of year to have your chimney cleaned. The following are three reasons why you may want to consider moving your chimney cleaning to the summer months.

  1. Take advantage of better appointment availability. Fitting in time for a chimney cleaning can be challenging, especially during the busy fall and winter months. By scheduling your chimney cleaning during the summer, it is often easier to find an appointment time that works with your schedule and availability. Likewise, by scheduling an appointment during the off season there are often shorter waiting times; this can be especially important if you have an important masonry repair that needs to be made.
  2. Start using your fireplace on the first day of fall. When you have your chimney swept during the summer, you know it has been cleaned, inspected, and is ready to go on the first cold day of the fall. This nearly eliminates the chance of discovering an “unpleasant surprise” such as a chimney leak or blockage.
  3. No delays in using your fireplace – when you really need it. While waiting for a chimney sweeping or masonry repair appointment, you may need to stop using your fireplace; this can literally leave you “out in the cold” if you rely on your fireplace for heat. By having your chimney maintained during the summer when it is not typically used you minimize the chance of not being able to use it when you really need it.

Why chimney cleanings are important

An annual chimney sweeping and inspection is an important part of fireplace maintenance, no matter how frequently or infrequently you use your fireplace. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, homes should have their chimney’s swept at least one per year on any time there is 1/8 of an inch of sooty buildup; this typically occurs after a cord of wood has been burned, meaning that homes burning more than this amount of wood may need their chimney swept twice – or more – each year. This kind of preventative maintenance can extend the life of your fireplace and chimney system and keep it burning safely for years to come.

Don’t wait until temperatures drop to have your chimney swept; instead, take advantage of the off season to have your chimney cleaned this summer. Contact Coopertown Services today to schedule your summer chimney sweeping!