Remodeling an existing fireplace is a cost efficient way to update your heating appliance while remaking the look and feel of your entire home. At Coopertown Services we can make over your fireplace to create the fireplace of your dreams!

Give Your Family The Gift Of A Brand New Fireplace Image - Memphis TN - Coopertown ServicesBenefits of a fireplace remodel

A stained, damaged, out of date, or just plain ugly fireplace doesn’t have to be completely gutted. Instead, a fireplace remodel can completely transform the look of your fireplace, all without breaking the bank. The following are just a few of the benefits of a fireplace remodel.

  1.  Increase resale value. Fireplaces are consistently one of the most sought-after home features; 40% of potential buyers are willing to pay more for a home with a fireplace. Remodeling your fireplace can help make it a selling feature in your home. Plus, it also adds to the asking price.
  2. High return on investment. Giving your fireplace a facelift is much less expensive than a full tear out and rebuild. However, it gives you the same benefits. An updated fireplace adds value to your home. Also, it offers high return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.
  3. Match your home’s décor. Does your modern home have a rustic fireplace? Are you going for mid-century modern – and getting mid-70’s disco chic? Remodeling your fireplace can create a focal point that complements your home’s existing décor.
  4. Create a custom design. No two fireplace remodels are the same, meaning our design team works one on one with each customer to create the custom fireplace of their dreams. We can work with you to turn your fireplace dreams into reality.

Fireplace refacing materials

Because no two fireplace remodels are the same, we offer a number of quality building materials to help reface your existing fireplace. These building materials can hold up to the heat of any fire – while still creating a beautiful finished fireplace.

  • Brick. Think beyond classic red brick! While this traditional style can still be beautifully recreated, brick has more options than ever before! With a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns, bricks are a heat resistant and durable building material that can create fireplace that are rough and rustic, sleek and contemporary, and everything in between!
  • Stone. A stone fireplace creates an organic aesthetic that fits in to almost any home’s décor. With a wide range of stone options, we can find the perfect stone for nay home.
  • Tile. Using tile is a great way to make sure your fireplace will be the centerpiece of your home! Whether you want something earthy and organic or bright and modern, the seemingly endless options that tile provides means there is something for everyone and every home.

This year, give your family the gift that will last a lifetime – a refaced fireplace. For more information on fireplace remodeling, contact Coopertown Services today!