Gas fireplaces, stoves, and other heating appliances are becoming increasingly popular. There are more realistic flames than ever before. Not to mention high efficiency, ease of operation, and minimal maintenance. This is why many homeowners have converted their masonry fireplaces to gas. While they are extremely easy to use and maintain, gas fireplaces still need regular maintenance in order to burn safely and efficiently!

We Service Gas Fireplaces Image - Memphis TN - Coopertown ServicesHow often should my gas fireplace be serviced?

Gas fireplaces are popular in part because they require significantly less day to day cleaning and maintenance as their wood burning counterparts. With no ashes to shovel or soot to remove, it can be easy to forget that gas fireplaces still need to be serviced, too. Just like wood burning heating appliances, gas fireplaces and stoves require annual cleanings and inspections in order to operate as safely as possible.

Why do gas fireplaces need to have their chimneys swept?

Sweeping the chimney of a wood burning fireplace is vastly different than that of a gas fireplace. However, both still require the same annual maintenance. When sweeping a gas chimney, corrosive condensation is removed from the flue. This is especially important in homes that have switched from wood to gas; while the old flue liner may have been designed for soot and ash, it may not be designed to handle the byproducts of a gas burning fire. Likewise, the entire fireplace and flue are inspected for signs of damage or deterioration.

Maintaining your gas fireplace.

In addition to having annual service done by a certified chimney sweep, there are a number of ways that homeowners can keep their gas fireplaces running smoothly all year long:

  • Clean exterior glass and metal.
    Wait for a time when the fireplace is not in use and is cool to the touch. Remove smudges and smears from exterior glass and metal using household glass cleaners; while these cleaners can be used on the exterior of the fireplace, they should never be used on interior components.
  • Remove dust from gas lines and logs.
    One to two times per year, clean interior glass logs and lines using a clean, dry cloth or a clean, soft paintbrush. Take special care not to move or shift any fireplace components; shifting a gas line by as little as a few millimeters can cause performance problems.

When to call a chimney sweep.

If your gas fireplace begins experiencing performance problems, it may be time to call a chimney sweep. Fires that no longer burn as hot, unresponsive knobs and buttons, or changes in flame color are all indications that there is a problem that requires professional inspection. At Coopertown Services, our staff are experts at gas fireplace service and repairs. Whether it is regularly scheduled maintenance or troubleshooting a performance problem, our chimney sweeps can help you get the most out of your gas fireplace.

At Coopertown Services, our expert staff of chimney sweeps are highly trained to service your gas heating appliances. Contact us today to schedule your next service appointment for your gas fireplace!