Need some repairs done on your masonry? Coopertown Services is the one to call!

Need some repairs done on your masonry? Coopertown Services is the one to call!

All masonry will eventually begin to deteriorate, but this is especially true of chimney masonry, which has to withstand an extraordinary amount of weather—positioned as it is at the very top of your roof, where it is in the direct line of fire of sun, wind, rain, and snow throughout the year. And, of course, extreme heat and acidic gases put additional pressures on your chimney.

The good news is that masonry damage can be reversed, and most chimney masonry can be fully restored so that your chimney is safe and attractive once more. How can masonry in poor condition make your chimney unsafe? If you live in Memphis, TN, call on the chimney experts at Coopertown Services, or read on for more information.

Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Chimney Masonry

Is you chimney’s masonry cracking or spalling? Are there bricks missing or ones that appear loose? Is the mortar crumbling? If you notice signs of disrepair, your chimney is likely absorbing water, drawing it into the interior of the chimney like a sponge, where water damage can quickly spread into your living space.

A chimney with gaps in the brick may also leak toxic gases through the masonry, which can be surprisingly absorbent and porous. The chimney should ideally serve as a very tightly sealed passage from your fireplace or stove to the outside atmosphere, into which the byproducts of your fire can vent safely away from your home and family.

The Masonry Inside Your Chimney

The best way to protect your chimney’s interior masonry is to have it lined or to have a product like HeatShield professionally applied. HeatShield will effectively seal up any gaps or cracks inside your chimney, creating a smooth, heatproof tunnel; it may also allow you to resize your chimney flue to achieve better drafting. As important as your exterior masonry is, it’s even more crucial that the inside of your chimney is airtight and waterproof.

Your Chimney’s Exterior

If the outside of your chimney is stained, streaked, crumbling, leaning, or covered in plants or algae, something is not right, and your chimney is likely not functioning the way it’s supposed to. Our trained chimney masons will be able to restore your chimney to optimum condition with our age-old tuckpointing traditions. Following any repairs, we strongly recommend that your chimney brick be “sealed” to keep water our and gases in and protect any repairs that have been made. The solution we use to waterproof chimneys is water soluble and still allows your chimney to “breathe.”
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