Gas heating appliances are increasingly popular because of the low cost to operate, ease of use, and the ability to start a fire with the push of a button. While gas appliances require significantly less maintenance than wood burning appliances, they still need regular service to continue to burn safely and efficiently.

Maintaining your gas fireplace

Gas Appliance Services - Memphis TN - Coopertown ServicesIn addition to annual inspections, there are a number of ways homeowners can keep their gas fireplaces burning safely. You should clean the exterior metal and glass of your fireplace. Exterior metal and glass needs to be cleaned when the fireplace is not in use. Regular household glass cleaner is used to remove smudges and smears from exterior components. However, only fireplace-specific cleaners is used on the interior of the gas fireplace.

You should also remove dust from the logs and gas lines. Interior logs and gas lines needs to be cleaned at least one to two times per year. A clean, dry cloth or a new, soft paintbrush are the best tools for cleaning these delicate fireplace components. Special care need to be taken to not move or shift gas lines, as it affects fireplace performance and creates safety problems.

Don’t forget your other gas appliances!

Many homes have other gas appliances too– most of which are rarely inspected or serviced. Gas furnaces and water heaters also vent through a chimney. The venting systems of these gas appliances also need to be regularly inspected. An annual inspection of the venting systems ensure there are no damage or deterioration. It also ensures no gas or byproducts of combustion are entering your home.

Relining the flue

One of the most common major maintenance projects for gas appliances is relining the flue. Many gas appliances are installed with little thought to the existing chimney; while this makes for easy installation, the flue is often sized incorrectly or made of the wrong materials for burning the new appliance. Different size appliances need different size flues to draft safely. When it is too large or too small, the chimney needs to be relined. Relining the chimney ensures the appliance draft safely and efficiently, preventing backup or building of dangerous gases into your home.

Gas heating appliances require flues made of different materials than their wood burning counterparts. They produce different byproducts of combustion. Burning propane and natural gas create corrosive and acidic condensation in the chimney, and it eats away the lining of the flue. Without proper maintenance, these corrosive byproducts lead to extensive damage to the venting system and expensive repairs.

When to call a chimney sweep

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