Nothing is quite as frustrating – or as costly – for a homeowner as an unidentifiable leak. Worse yet are leaks that continue to return year after year despite putting time and money into preventing them. According to Inspect America, water damage is the number one interior defect found during home inspections. A reoccurring or unfixed moisture problem not only affects the current living conditions in a home, but could affect the future resale value as well. 

Water Damaged Masonry - Memphis TN - Coopertown

With over 30 years of experience fixing leaky chimneys and masonry structures, the experts at Coopertown Services have the tools, expertise, and experience to correctly identify and repair the root cause of a moisture issue, not just cover up the symptoms. In fact, Coopertown Services are so well respected for their ability to correctly and permanently fix leaks in masonry structures that they are often hired by professional roofers, contractors, and builders in the area.

Leaky chimneys

A chimney leak can be caused by a number of different problems. Because of this, it is extremely important to have an expert come inspect your fireplace and chimney structure at the first sign of moisture. Getting the problem fixed early – and correctly – is the number one way to prevent extensive and costly damage. Coopertown Services uses techniques and materials specifically designed for masonry chimney structures. In addition, all repairs are 100% guaranteed to stop the leaks or your money back.

Masonry structures are complex, and leaks can be caused by a number of different problems. One of the best ways to prevent water damage from rain, snow, and ice is by having a waterproof sealant applied to the exterior bricks of the chimney structure. These sealants are specially designed to allow toxic gasses out without letting moisture in. Because of this, only trained technicians using chimney-specific products should attempt waterproofing; incorrect application or the use of the wrong product could cause both gas and moisture to become trapped in the bricks, further damaging the chimney.

Another major area of concern for water damage is the chimney flashing. Flashing, or the protective strip where the chimney meets the roofline, can cause major water damage to roofs, ceilings, and walls if broken or improperly installed. Likewise, improperly sloped shoulders can cause water to pool around the roof and chimney, penetrating the chimney structure. Finally, Coopertown Services can also repair and replace chimney crowns or chimney caps.

Other masonry leaks

While you might not think of a chimney company to repair a gable wall, the expert technicians at Coopertown Services can stop the leaks in much more than just masonry chimneys. From bay windows to well valleys, Coopertown Services can permanently stop the leaks in almost any masonry structure. Using their specially designed products and techniques, they are even able to fix leaks that have been unsuccessfully repaired in the past. As with all their repairs, it is 100% guaranteed to stop the leaks or your money back.