Now that winter has finally melted away, signs of spring as everywhere around us. Trees are beginning to sprout new leaves, flowers are in bloom, and many different kinds of animals are preparing to give birth to their young.

Animal Removal from Chimneys - Memphis TN

While baby animals are a wonderful – and adorable – part of spring, most homeowners agree that they are not welcome residents in any part of your home. Unfortunately, chimneys make an appealing nesting ground for small mammals such as squirrels, roof rats, and other rodents. This year, prevent animals from getting into your chimney with an animal inspection.

How animals get in

There are a number of ways that animals can find their way into your chimney structure. Homes with an uncapped chimney or damaged chimney cap are particularly vulnerable to animal entry. The chimney cap protects the top of the flue from not only animals, but also moisture and debris. Without a chimney cap – or if they chimney cap is damaged – the flue is unprotected against both animals and the elements.

How to get animals out

While it is easy for animals to get into your chimney, it is much harder to get them out. Many small mammals find themselves unable to climb inside the chimney due to the slick tiles of the flue liner; likewise, being stuck in the chimney may be disorienting for many animals. Homeowners should never attempt to “smoke out” an animal, as they can seriously injure wildlife and may cause further damage to your chimney and flue. Instead, trust a reputable animal control company to safely and humanely remove the animals.

How to prevent an infestation

The best way to prevent your chimney and home from getting infested with animals is through regular chimney maintenance. An annual chimney inspection is an excellent way to ensure that your chimney remains in good condition; having an inspection every year means you are knowledgeable about the condition of your chimney and can easily pinpoint damage from year to year.

Likewise, if you have had animals in your chimney in the past, it is extremely important that you not only remove the animals, put also find and repair how they found their way in. If not, no amount of chimney maintenance can prevent the animals from coming back year after year.

The Coopertown Services difference

At Coopertown Services, we take the time to not just remove the animals from your chimney structure, but ensure that they can’t return. Our trained technicians begin by safely and humanely removing the animals from your home. We spend an average of 10-12 hours with our clients to search and inspect all areas of your home – not just the chimney – to find how the animals are getting in. Finally, we repair any damage with steel mesh and screws, materials that animals cannot gnaw through.

With over 35 years of experience and a one year guarantee on all seals we make against animal entry, trust your chimney to Coopertown Services. Contact us today to schedule your animal inspection for this spring!